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Pretty-in-Pink Honda S2000 Drift Car Rocks 8.3-Liter Dodge Viper V-10

Girls just want to have fun (and pull off massive, smoky skids).

Arguably, the highlight of the Honda S2000 has always been its engine. Honda’s high-revving, naturally aspirated four-pot made way more power than its displacement would suggest and sounded more like a sports bike than a Porsche Boxster rival. Swapping the S2K’s evocative engine out is nothing short of heresy among Honda heads and if you’re gonna do it, it’d better be good. 

As seen on Engine Swap Depot, one Norwegian drifter seems to have made a case with her pink 2001 S2000 that’s had its 2.0-liter removed and a 8.3-liter V-10 plopped in its place. Specifically, the V-10 out of a 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10, the very engine found in the Viper of the same vintage. It makes 506 horsepower and 542 pound-feet of torque, several magnitudes above the stock Honda’s 237 hp and 153 pound-feet.

Ninety-eight-octane race fuel is pumped through two Bosch 044 pumps and a custom trunk-mounted fuel cell. The S2000’s legendarily good six-speed manual transmission has been swapped out for a T56 unit instead and power is doled out to the rear wheels via a welded differential. Drift-duty is accomplished thanks to D2 adjustable coilovers, an angle kit, a much wider track, and upgraded brakes.

TrønderBataljonen Racing/Facebook

And yes, just like Suki’s S2000 from 2 Fast 2 Furious, it’s got pink neon underglow. 

Built by Trønder Bataljonen Racing for drifter Kristine Sandvik, this Viper-powered Honda is the opposite of quiet and understated. Judging from Facebook photos, it recently won a car meet award for being popular with children, for goodness sake. For a car that competes in a sport that’s based on controlled chaos and rewards panache, it’s kind of perfect.

TrønderBataljonen Racing/Facebook

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