Twin-Turbo, Twin-Engined Mazda MX-3 Is a Homebuilt Hoon Machine That Burns All Four Tires

Understandably, this is the only Mazda MX-3 of its kind.

byChris Teague| UPDATED Aug 21, 2019 5:08 PM
Twin-Turbo, Twin-Engined Mazda MX-3 Is a Homebuilt Hoon Machine That Burns All Four Tires

We just watched a twin-engine, all-wheel-drive Mazda MX-3 smoking its tires off on Hoonigan’s Daily Transmission YouTube channel, and we’re not sure what to think. The owner brought the car to Southern California from his home somewhere in Canada, where, in true bootleg fashion, he built it by hand in a janky, unventilated garage.

A normal person wanting to make a normal MX-3 go fast might have bolted on a turbo and added some slicks to the front wheels to hook up for traction, but not this guy. His build actually started off with an engine in the back of the car. When that didn’t deliver the giggles fast enough, he added another engine in the original position up front.

At this point, he had a whole host of complex engineering problems to solve, any of which would baffle most mainstream mechanics. Not this guy, because as everybody knows, Canadian woodworkers are crazy good with hydraulics and automotive electronics. His solution is a lot like the twin-engine VW Golf we showed you a while back: Two of everything.

In addition to two engines, his setup has two five-speed transmissions, two gear shifts, two clutch master cylinders, and two turbos. The only thing he doesn’t have two of is the clutch pedal. Before we heap too much praise onto the Mazda, we should note that this isn’t the sturdiest of builds. The owner says that his transmission setup is so unreliable, and the engines are putting out so much power, that he can’t use third gear without blowing something up.

All in all, the guy says it took two MX-3s, two Ford Probes, and over ten engines to make the car work the way it does today. That’s a lot of '90s car metal that gave its life for this Mazda, but given how hardcore the twin-engine setup is, there's likely more blood to be shed.

That said, the build is impressive for having been done in a backwoods garage and by a person that doesn’t work on cars for a living. He shows it off by doing front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive burnouts, before smoking his tires down to the rims with the front and rear axles pulling in different directions.