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Never-Plated 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 With Just 9 Miles on the Odo Listed for Sale

What kind of masochist keeps a limited-edition car like this in storage without doing burnouts, burnouts, and more burnouts?

Here’s a weird eBay find: someone’s been keeping a 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 in storage for over a decade. It only has nine miles on the odometer and it’s never even had license plates, making it basically a new car for the lucky second owner. The seller claims it’s the lowest-mile Challenger SRT8 for sale in the country, and he’s probably right about that. 

raycorandy on eBay

The 2008 Challenger SRT8 was a limited-edition car for the debut year of the latest revival of the Challenger nameplate. This one is loaded with every factory option available in 2008, per the listing. So, I can sort of see the impetus to save at least one for posterity, as you know, several of these 425-horsepower retro beauties have been wrapped around a tree by now. 

It sounds like it’s been stored the right way, too, and not just parked forever to accumulate leaky seals and flat-spotted tires. The seller claims that it was picked up from the dealership in an enclosed trailer, where it’s largely remained save for an every-few-months trip up and down the driveway to ensure everything stays lubricated and in working order. It also got put on a lift once to take some photos, but it’s back in its trailer now. 

raycorandy on eBay

On top of that, the seller claims that this car gets started once a month, liquid stabilizers have been added to various fluids, a trickle charger was kept on the battery, and the trailer has been sealed off from the outside elements to the best of their ability. Also, “never been washed” is touted as a feature here. 

“This has never been washed so you will see some dust on the finish,” the listing notes. 

The Tulsa-based seller also paid its 2019 registration (which appears to be from Texas in the photos) and has a clean title in hand, but maintains that license plates have never even been issued for the car. Funny enough, this car comes with fewer miles on the odometer than the Mitsubishi Lancer my parents bought new, also right off a dealer’s lot. 

raycorandy on eBay

So, while the listing screams “BARN FIND” at the top, it’s clear that this is not one. It’s a car that’s been carefully preserved for 11 years in spite of the fact that it’s fun to turn rear Challenger tires into smoke. 

You can make an offer on the car, but the seller’s “buy it now” price is a whopping $36,995—which is $325 less than the base $37,320 MSRP in 2008, Road & Track notes. If you adjust those figures for inflation, that number looks like a lot less, but it’s still just $2,000 less than a more powerful, brand-new-for-real 2019 Challenger R/T Scat Pack. Furthermore, you’ll still likely need to replace those 2008 tires and other things to get this 2008 SRT8 roadworthy. 

That being said, if you’re a collector looking for an absurdly well-preserved Challenger to melt Concours judges’ faces off, this listing might just be for you.