This Is How a Stock Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Stacks Up Against a Suzuki Hayabusa

The 840-horsepower muscle car aims to take down one of the fastest factory bikes in the quarter-mile.

byElizabeth Puckett| UPDATED Nov 12, 2018 12:48 PM
This Is How a Stock Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Stacks Up Against a Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa superbike and Dodge Challenger SRT Demon are two fierce machines that dominate the two-wheel and four-wheel worlds, respectively. The pair of powerhouses are largely unbeatable in terms of sheer speed, especially when running in the quarter-mile, making a showdown between them the ultimate test of factory power in motos versus autos. 

In this case, the two vehicles and their drivers have met up before at the drag strip, but last time, it was on an eighth-mile track. The shorter runway proved to be a disadvantage for the bike, as it just didn’t have time to reel the Demon back in for a possible win. 

As for this match, it’s a one-and-done scenario, while results may have varied if they had a few more passes down the track. Traction for the Challenger SRT Demon was a clear challenge that couldn’t be rectified for a second win against the bike. After spinning through a large chunk of the race, the 840 horsepower propelling the Demon towards the finish line just wasn’t enough to catch up to the bike. 

With the 'Busa clearly finishing first, it locked in a 10.79-second quarter-mile E/T, and the Demon trailed with a 10.88-second pass. While the times are respectable, knowledge of the Dodge Demon would have one betting on the car over the bike. 

Both the Hayabusa and Challenger SRT Demon showed up to the race in stock form. While it’s fairly difficult to actually find an unmodified Hayabusa, stock times tend to fall in the mid-10 second range, depending on the rider, though Suzuki claims its fastest capable time in the quarter is a 9.70-second pass. The Dodge Demon has the potential to run 9.65 seconds in the quarter-mile, but that’s yet to be achieved—the lowest stock Demon time remains at 9.88 seconds.