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These Off-Road-Ready Nissan Pickup Trucks and SUVs Are Headed to Dealerships Near You

Thanks to a collaborative effort with Rocky Ridge, enthusiasts can now buy modified and warrantied Titans, Frontiers and Armadas.

Talk to any truck manufacturer, and they’ll tell you that modified trucks sell quicker on dealership lots than stock trucks. That’s why you’ve seen success from truck makers like Ram with new models such as the Rebel. People also modify their Nissans, and at the NTEA Work Truck Show, the company is showing off some new models made in collaboration with Rocky Ridge Trucks.

The modified vehicles are all available for purchase from your local Nissan dealership and consist of modified Frontier, Titan, Titan XD, and Armada.

“Truck buyers are unique and so are their trucks. And while truck buyers are the most brand loyal automotive segment, consumers are willing to consider other brands if the product and value proposition is right,” said Fred DePerez, the company’s North America LCV Business Unit VP. “We’ve found there remains great opportunity within the truck and enthusiast market—and these big, bad, custom-lifted, Rocky Ridge-warranted Nissan trucks are definitely going to drive excitement and traffic to Nissan showrooms for a closer look.”

The various trucks are available with a myriad of custom modifications from Rocky Ridge which include:

  • Titan XD (Gas and Diesel): Stealth, K2, and Altitude packages 
  • Titan: K2, Altitude, and X packages 
  • Armada: Z3 package 
  • Frontier: Z3 package 
  • Available premium options and upgrades, including custom fade painted exteriors

One example of the upgrades offered is a six-inch lift on Titan and Titan XD trucks. The Frontier receives a 2.5-inch lift and while the Armada is treated to a three-inch lift.

“Americans have always had a love affair with their trucks—but that affair doesn’t end with the purchase, it starts there,” said Burl Outlaw, CEO of Rocky Ridge Trucks. “Rocky Ridge has worked hard to show that Nissan hosts a perfect line of trucks and SUVs to facilitate that relationship. And there is no better way to show what is possible than to have examples ready for sale on Nissan dealer lots—easily financed by Nissan with warranties fully matched by Rocky Ridge.

Details and information on how to order are available on Rocky Ridge Trucks’s website.