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2024 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Software Gremlins Force Stop Sale

Once again, software problems have forced GM to pause sales of a new vehicle.

General Motors has had a tough run of software issues as of late. It was forced to stop Chevrolet Blazer EV sales late last year after many vehicles suffered debilitating glitches. Now, though, it seems GM’s software gremlins have made their way to some of its gas-powered vehicles, as the company has issued another stop sale, this time on 15,000 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups.

Many of the affected trucks have already been shipped to dealerships, but they won’t be sold until GM can patch the software. However, Brandee Barker, GM’s VP of global technology communications, told Automotive News that “a fix has been identified and implemented into vehicles that have begun shipping to dealers this morning.”

When pressed for comment, GM could not offer The Drive specificity on what issues are plaguing the trucks, beyond saying they affect quality. The company expects the hold to lift shortly. It’s peculiar to see 2024 Colorados and Canyons face new software problems, as both pickups were completely redesigned for the previous model year. Something must have changed, causing software to go haywire—not that the third-gen Colorado and Canyon haven’t been here before, mind you.

“We are disappointed when we choose to pause sales, but we are committed to quality and the customer experience, therefore software updates will continue to be part of the process as our vehicles become more and more technologically advanced,” Barker told Auto News.

This news comes roughly two months after the Blazer EV’s stop sale for extreme software issues. The Bowtie’s newest EV was suffering charging problems and infotainment shutdowns, and even left some drivers stranded. It still isn’t back on the market, despite the company halting deliveries around Christmas. It isn’t clear how serious the glitches are for these midsize pickups by comparison, but they’re clearly concerning enough to make GM hit the pause button.

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