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Train Heist Gone Wrong Leaves New Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Pickups Destroyed

Police stumbled upon the perps having an awkward time of stealing trucks off a train.
Destroyed 2024 GMC Canyon Denali stolen in train heist
Emergencias Region Centro Sur on Facebook

A group of thieves attempted to steal a pair of GM’s new midsize pickup trucks from a freight train in Mexico. Authorities showed up during their heist though, forcing them to abandon the trucks, and significantly damaging both in the process.

The attempted theft occurred around 1 a.m. Central time Thursday in a Ferromex rail yard near Gomez Palacio, Durango according to Debate. A group of armed men entered the yard and sought out a stationary railcar that was transporting new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups, then broke the lock off to access the vehicles. A source who wished to remain anonymous told me the perpetrators are believed not to be from cartels, but merely a local gang.

As the thieves were attempting to unload the trucks, however, Municipal Police driving past the rail yard on the highway saw the suspicious unloading, according to a Emergencias Region Centro Sur Facebook post. They notified Ferromex security, but the thieves scampered when they noticed the police presence.

The criminals left a white Chevy Colorado hanging from the edge of the railcar with its tailgate dented in, and a grey GMC Canyon Denali across the tracks running parallel to the siding where the car carrier was parked. It was later hit by a passing train, with its damage being documented by the aforementioned anonymous source. Photos were also shared by Mexican railfan page Desmoders Treneros on Facebook.

It’s likely the trucks were en route from the Wentzville, Missouri factory where they were built to dealers in Mexico when they were targeted. The trucks would’ve likely had minimal fuel in their tanks, as factories tend to do to complicate theft. They’ll be insured, so the only real loss will be to an insurance company. As for the trucks? The Chevy looks repairable, but the GMC is probably headed straight to a junkyard. Maybe someone will put its terrific 2.7-liter turbo engine to use anyway, though.

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