This 800-HP Challenger Hellcat-Vs.-Lamborghini Huracan Drag Race Is Insanely Close

Tuned American muscle up against Italy’s finest.

byAaron Brown|
Dodge News photo

As old automotive tradition goes, if you want to settle something, take it to the race track—or in this case, the drag strip. In that spirit, the YouTubers at DragTimes put a Lamborghini Huracan against a modified Dodge Challenger Hellcat to figure out which reigned supreme in a straight line acceleration .

The video, uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 24, featured a stock all-wheel-drive Huracan and a slightly modified Challenger facing off at the Palm Beach International Raceway drag strip in Florida. By adding an E85 tune and a new exhaust, the usually-707-horsepower muscle car had its power cranked up more than 800 horsepower—​on top of which, it also came with drag racing tires and an aftermarket driveshaft. That's a whole hell of a lot, even compared to the Huracan's 602 horsepower. But don't forget—the Huracan sends its power to all four of its wheels, which helps it get off the line better than the rear-wheel-drive Challenger.

As you can see in the video, that all-wheel-drive launch control appears to help the Italian supercar beat the Challenger off the line, but the driver of the American muscle car was able to minimize wheelspin, leaving him right on the Huracan's tail. Was it enough to enable the Mopar monster to beat the Raging Bull to the quarter-mile mark? Well...we don't want to spoil the ending. But we will tell you that the winner only managed to grab first place with a lead of a mere 0.03 seconds. On another day, with different drivers behind the wheel or with a slight difference in the weather...this could have easily gone the opposite direection. 

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