Watch This Custom Lamborghini Gallardo Tow Skiers Through the Snow

Who needs a Ski-Doo when you have a Lambo on studded tires?

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Jan 24, 2017 8:05 PM
Watch This Custom Lamborghini Gallardo Tow Skiers Through the Snow

You know the saying “money doesn’t buy happiness?” that mainly holds true, just not in this circumstance. Watch and gawk as James Condon (a.k.a. The Stradman) straps a towrope to his wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo and barrels down a snow-covered road with his friends in tow.

Now, before we dive into this video, let's all give James a little round of applause for his ability to save up for a Lambo since he was 15 years old. Yes, that may seem like a fairly irresponsible purchase...but it seems he is making the most of his irresponsibility.

Aside from the nearly unbearable music, we could easily spend the whole day watching this video over and over again as these daredevils conquer a winter wonderland with their Barnie-colored Italian supercar. With tubes, skiis, and snowboards in tow, Stradman and the gang enjoy all the activities you normally associate with a boat and a lake—just in a Lamborghini.

The video was filmed in Park City, Utah and the main attraction was Stradman’s 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo. Purchased used last year, Stradman was able to find a Gallardo with only 9,500 miles and no issues. He then proceeded to paint and wrap the 520-hp V-10 in a purple camouflage scheme to effectively evade people while cruising through lavender patches.

The Stradman currently has 207,000 subscribers on YouTube and many of his Gallardo videos appear to be getting over 100,000 views. Keep up the strong work Condon.