Kristin V. Shaw

Kristin V. Shaw


Kristin Shaw is the former Weekend Editor for The Drive and a current freelancer in both the automotive and aviation worlds. She’s a big fan of anything car-related and calls on her technology background on the corporate side to explain engineering and high-tech concepts. Now living in her sixth state (New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, and now Texas), she is thrilled that working from home is now mainstream.


  • Expertise includes tech, investigative, and interview journalism, as well as the car and aviation industries
  • She’s an avid reader and is especially fond of Black Ops counterterrorist novels by Brad Thor and Vince Flynn and adventure romps by Clive Cussler. 
  • Bylines in: The Drive, Forbes Wheels,, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, A Girls Guide to Cars, Pickup Truck and SUV Talk, GearJunkie, AutoWise, Motor1, Car and Driver, The Huffington Post, and many more.


Kristin started her career in marketing and public relations on the telecommunications side, progressing to high-tech and aviation. She traveled to dozens of countries while heading up marketing for North America for a Swiss aviation tech firm and developed a fondness for Belgian street waffles and Spanish ham. In 2013, she hung up her corporate pumps to start her own company as a freelander and her work has been featured by Cosmopolitan, Glamour, the TODAY show, The Washington Post, and more.


University of Cincinnati, BA in Communication Arts with a completed thesis on cross-racial communication style perceptions in the Honors program.

Fun Fact/Tip/Anecdote/Favorite Product

One very funny and sweet tween boy keeps Kristin and her husband laughing and shaking their heads, sometimes simultaneously. With uncanny accuracy, Kristin can name a song and artist from the 80s with just a few notes because she grew up with a steady diet of MTV when it was good. And once, she interviewed Joan Jett for a class project.


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