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For Sale: Schumacher-Driven 1993 F1 Car Is Still Race-Ready

This 30-year-old Benetton-Ford single-seater ran the track at Goodwood Members' Meeting this year.
racecar in yellow and green livery

F1 driver Michael Schumacher was a rock star F1 driver in the 90s, setting records for F1 Grand Prix race wins and F1 series championships. Schumacher is a household name and even for non-F1 fans, he’s a legend. If you’re a superfan looking to own a piece of Schumacher history and you have $1.3 million or more to spend, you’re going to want to take a look at this 1993 Benetton-Ford B193B Formula 1 Racing car, which is for sale by luxury auction house Bonhams.

Heavily test driven by Schumacher himself, chassis B193B-04 was used by the German driver in the qualifying rounds for the British Grand Prix and then raced by Riccado Patrese in that 1993 event.

In this car, Patrese took the podium in third place just behind Schumacher, who piloted its sister chassis B193B. Patrese later signed the chassis tub and seat molding of B193B-04, and those signatures are still clearly visible.

Bonhams says that only two of these Benetton-Ford F1 cars are currently running anywhere in the world, and this one comes with a few spares: a gearbox casing, two more wheels, two radiators and two steering racks. Also included is Schumacher’s seat molding and a set of his original seat belts marked with his initials.

Built on the first carbon-composite chassis manufactured by the Benetton team in its then-new Enstone factory, this car is powered by an original 3.5-liter Cosworth Ford HB V8 and Benetton-made gearbox. Bonhams says it’s “slightly de-tuned” for ease of maintenance.

“In full race tune, of course, any Formula 1 engine could be regarded as a grenade which – when running hard – existed just barely short of detonation,” the listing says.

The current owner, an F1 enthusiast who has maintained it for nearly 20 years, has been known to run it out on the track regularly, including a stint at this year’s Goodwood Members’ Meeting earlier this year. It’s pretty impressive that a nearly 30-year-old car can still race, and with notable credentials to boot.

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