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Lewis Hamilton Wants You to Stop Going to Bars

The six-time F1 champ says people still partying it up amidst the pandemic are "totally irresponsible and selfish."

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic and all the talk of social distancing, some just aren’t getting the message, recklessly opting to carry on with their lives as if nothing is wrong. If you are indeed one of these people, six-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton sees you and has had enough.

Taking to social media, Lewis is calling out those who are still out there partying it up like it’s 2019, deeming them “totally irresponsible and selfish,” and rightfully so. 

For the young and healthy who think it’s okay to mingle because COVID-19 is unlikely to kill you, please realize that social distancing is not designed to protect you but rather protect those who could get the virus from you and are much more vulnerable like your parents, grandparents, or elderly neighbors. If you really want to get out of the house, consider watching a drive-in movie

“There are still people out there still going to clubs and bars and large gatherings which I personally feel is totally irresponsible and selfish,” Hamilton posted. “If you can, try and take this time to assess your life and situation and how you might want to change things for the better moving forwards.”

Hamilton also took to Twitter on Saturday to quell rumors and let fans know that he is currently not exhibiting any symptoms after hanging out 17 days prior with actor Idris Elba and Canadian “First Lady” Sophie Grégoire Trudeau at an event—two people who have since tested positive for coronavirus. The incubation period for COVID-19 is up to 14 days and Lewis says he is currently self-isolating.

While coronavirus hasn’t appeared to affect F1’s biggest star, it has done a significant amount of damage to the sport’s 2020 season. Earlier today, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was postponed, making it the eighth Formula 1 race to either be canceled or postponed as a result of the outbreak. They’ve since been replaced by online Esports Grands Prix. 

h/t: Planet F1

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