Hyundai Eyes Georgia for New U.S. EV Plant: Report

Nothing's been confirmed yet, but a new, EV-dedicated plant in Georgia makes a lot of logistical sense.
The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a stylish EV.

As Hyundai continues to expand its EV lineup, it needs some more space to work. So, it’s looking to open up a new and dedicated EV-manufacturing shop in the ‘States. While a location hasn’t been set in stone just, Hyundai is apparently eyeballing Georgia, which would make it state neighbors to its other manufacturing plant in Alabama.

Hyundai is said to have already had discussions with state representatives from Georgia, though the automaker’s representatives declined to comment on specifics about where this new plant might be, according to Reuters. “We are excited to announce a new EV plant plan in the United States soon, but we do not have details to share at this stage,” a Hyundai rep told the outlet. It’s not clear how many jobs this could create or how much Hyundai would be investing in the project as a whole.

In response to The Drive’s request for a statement, a Hyundai spokesperson said: “Hyundai Motor Group is committed to accelerating electrification in the US. We are to build a new EV plant in the US. However, at this stage, no further details have yet been decided.”

Wherever this new plant ends up, it will be responsible for building EVs for both Hyundai and Kia, likely starting with a couple of SUVs such as the Hyundai Ioniq 7 and Kia EV9. This also comes shortly after Hyundai’s announcement to build an all-electric variant of the Genesis GV70 at its main Alabama plant, alongside the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid. It’s unclear if production for future Genesis EVs would move to Georgia—or wherever the new EV plant ends up to be—or if it will stay in Alabama.

A Hyundai Ioniq 5 is parked on a street.

By 2030, there should be 31 total electric vehicles across all three brands: six from Genesis, nine from Hyundai, and 14 from Kia. Though, there’s currently no word on how many of those EVs will be built at this new American plant. While Hyundai hasn’t yet confirmed Georgia as its new EV home, it does make a lot of sense. Its battery supplier, SK On, just recently built two plants in Georgia to supply batteries to Volkswagen and Ford, according to Reuters. This makes Georgia a natural fit for a new Hyundai EV plant.

This is a big deal because it signifies Kia and Hyundai’s intent to really go in on battery-electric cars in the U.S. It would join General Motors and Ford in making large investments in domestic battery and vehicle manufacturing plants. Earlier this year, GM announced that it will invest more than $7 billion in building a new battery cell plant and converting an existing plant to build its full-size electric pickup trucks. Last year, Ford announced BlueOval City, a complex in west Tennessee for building batteries and electric F-Series pickup trucks. Hyundai’s already said that it will invest $7.4 billion in American EV manufacturing; it’s likely that this new plant is part of that.

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