Avalon King’s Armor Shield IX: Smells Bad, Looks Fierce

Avalon King made my Accord look like a Queen.

byChris Landry|
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BYChris Landry/ LAST UPDATED ON March 8, 2022

Ok, I’ve been waiting to make the joke “Avalon King made my Accord look like a Queen” since I got Avalon King’s Armor Shield IX in my hands. In my opinion, Accord King has a better ring to it, but I might be slightly biased. Anyway, one look at Avalon King’s website, and I can already tell that I like them. 

The company absolutely does not shy away from its claims about Armor Shield IX being the #1 DIY ceramic coating, but its cheekiness throughout really lends the product an approachability that is missing from other brands. Whether or not you believe that this product will reject “your father’s insults” as the description says, is between you and your God. My dad is a retired Army colonel and doesn’t insult me, and I’ve got a mullet. Maybe it really does work?

Aside from the possibility of paternal placation, there are some grand claims made here. I’ve heard of Avalon King before, and I was excited to give this product a try. Since I was testing multiple products, I chose to apply Armor Shield IX to the hood of my 1999 Honda Accord, which I consider to be prime real estate. Don’t let me down, girls. 

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Unboxing the Avalon King Ceramic Coating

Y’all, this is some nice packaging. I actually gasped when I opened it because it’s borderline ridiculous how elevated it is. I’ll admit that this made me somewhat skeptical of the product's actual performance, but we all know not to judge a book by its cover. 

Avalon King is serious about this being a true DIY kit, and it shows. Not only do they include the typical applicator block and cloths, but they go so far as to give you a luxuriously soft microfiber cloth, and even a pair of rubber gloves. There’s even a branded card to press the applicator cloth into the folds of the block to secure it in place. Pretty slick — no pun intended. 

I do think that the hashtag #CoatedByTheKing on the included sticker is a bit weird, but I’ll allow it.

Chris Landry

Getting After It With the Avalon King Ceramic Coating

This stuff does not smell great. Truly, it reminds me of a nail salon and I spent the entire application process thinking about what color to get my nails done next. The good news is that applying Avalon King’s Armor Shield IX is easier than being a 28-year-old man in a nail salon. 

If you’re familiar with ceramic coatings, it’s all standard fare. Pull on those rubber gloves and mask up — you’ll be glad you did. Then, wrap the applicator pad with the cloth, and giggle while you press it in with the included card. The bottle containing the coating has a little flap built in, which is a nice touch and helps keep it sealed when not in use. Pop that off and apply a few drops to the pad, and you’re ready to take it to the paint. Criss-cross applesauce, you know the drill. 

This product goes on really slick, and while I wish I could attribute that to my exquisite polishing and prep work, the other products I tested on this car did not go on as smoothly. One thing I really appreciate about the included instructions is their explanation of the flash time of the product, and how it can vary with temperature. Definitely read the instructions.

Once you’re ready to remove the product, the oh-so-fluffy included microfiber cloth is ready and waiting. Take your time because you don’t want any high spots on the finish of your obviously pristine 272,000-mile shitbox. That’s it! You’re done. Go listen to some Madonna or whatever normal people do to reward themselves.

What’s Good About Avalon King Ceramic Coating

My favorite thing about this product genuinely is how approachable it is. Ceramic coating is one of those things that isn’t exactly difficult but requires time, effort, and attention. They spell it all out for you, and I think that makes it a great choice for anyone, especially beginners. The initial quality of the coating appears glossy and smoother than prior to application.

What’s Not Good About Avalon King Ceramic Coating

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget that smell. Hopefully, that somehow means it will last a long time, Avalon King claims two years when properly applied. We’ll see about that as I’m pretty confident that this Accord will outlast the Earth. And hey, I don’t have COVID! 

Our Verdict On Avalon King Ceramic Coating 

Easily my favorite of the ceramic coatings I tested. I was new to ceramic coatings when I began this exercise, but I’ve slung an orbital buffer around before, and I have something resembling a concept of what’s good for paint. The approachability aspect that I mentioned earlier really does help build confidence in the work you’re doing. For a job that is as easy to screw up like this, that’s not insignificant. 

In addition to the ease of use, I’m very happy with the results I achieved on what is arguably the most important surface of the car, at least in terms of visibility to myself and others. I’ve tested quite a few products recently, and Avalon King Armor Shield IX is what I’ll be using to coat my other cars. Make of that what you will.

FAQs About Avalon King Ceramic Coating 

You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers!

Q. How long does Armor Shield ceramic coating last? 

A. It should last 2-5 years when applied correctly.

Q. How long does it take for Avalon King to cure? 

A. Keep water off for 48 hours, and try not to wash with soap for 5-7 days.

Q. Where is Avalon King made?

A. Avalon King is a U.S.-based company. ‘Merica!

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