Best Trucker Hats (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Love ’em or hate ’em, trucker hats are back.

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BYAndra DelMonico/ LAST UPDATED ON November 12, 2021

What do blue-collar workers and early 2000s pop stars have in common? Trucker hats. Love ’em or hate ’em, these iconic hats keep coming back. Their ugly aesthetic is their charm, and they never stray too far from that billboard-sized front and mesh back.

They may have begun as a cheap promotional giveaway to farmers and truckers, but just like anything else that’s been taken over by the fashion industry, you’ll find plenty of are over-styled and overpriced options. In case you’re in the mood for a little trucker charm, we sifted through the bedazzled and Von Dutch headcovers and came up with a few choice trucker hats. Embrace the return of the trucker hat and give your ratty baseball cap a break.

Best Overall
Goorin Bros. Men's Animal Farm Trucker Hat

Goorin Bros. Men’s Animal Farm Trucker Hat


Classic looks and a comfortable fit makes this hat a top choice. Choose the patch design that speaks to your inner wild animal.

  • Cotton twill sweatband 
  • Pre-curved visor 
  • Adjustable closure
  • Patch is huge
  • Abrasive mesh
Best Value

Dalix Two-Tone Adjustable Trucker Hat


Keep your money in your wallet with this high-profile trucker hat. The blank front is perfect for customizing.

  • Pre-curved visor 
  • Snap closure 
  • Blank front
  • Sits on your ears
  • Weak stitching
Honorable Mention

Billabong Women’s California Love Trucker Hat


Outfit the special lady in your life with her own trucker hat and she’ll stop stealing yours. The California theme gives it a laid-back style.

  • Unique artwork 
  • Adjustable closure 
  • Pre-curved visor
  • Sizing runs small 
  • Visor feels bulky and large


There’s more to buying a trucker hat than just whether or not you like it. You have gone to the store and tried on hat after hat until you found one that felt just right. But did you ever stop and think why that hat was the one? By applying our well-tested methodology for identifying the best car and motorcycle parts, we were also able to find the best trucker hats. 

When comparing trucker hats, we looked at more than just design. We considered size adjustability, the shape of the visor, mesh backing, and front profile. Some hats were well-built and sported that old-school trucker vibe. Other hats have a modern take with a lower profile and innovative comfort features. By the time you’re done with our guide, you’ll be a trucker hat expert and know exactly what kind of hat you should be looking for. 

Best Trucker Hat Reviews & Recommendations

Channel your inner grizzled trucker with this classic-looking trucker hat. It has that old-school cool look and feel with an oversized animal patch on the front. There are a ton of animal options, so build a collection or stick with your spirit animal. Each patch is embroidered, so no peeling or flaking off here. The snap closure makes it versatile for small and large heads.

Unfortunately, the mesh on this hat is a bit too authentic to those first-generation promo hats and feels stiff and abrasive against your skin. The patch on the front is also huge and can look like an animal billboard on your forehead. Smaller-sized people may find the patch overwhelming.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Goorin Bros.
  • Materials: 100-percent cotton
  • Type: High


  • Adjustable snap closure
  • Embroidered animal patch
  • Pre-curved brim 
  • Cotton twill sweatband


  • Abrasive mesh
  • Patch too large

Save your money and stick with this simple and plain budget-friendly trucker hat. It comes in six classic color combinations. The front is large with a poly-foam construction that helps the crown sit as high as possible. You can leave it blank or treat it like a canvas to express your creativity, company branding, or anything else you want on the front of your hat. Just because the cost is low doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice features. There’s a snap closure, pre-curved visor, and open mesh back.

The large size of this hat can be a drawback for some people when it slides down your head and rests uncomfortably on your ears. The stitching could also be better.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Dalix
  • Materials: Polyfoam
  • Type: High


  • Snap closure
  • Mesh back
  • Pre-curved brim 
  • Blank front 


  • Uncomfortable on your ears 
  • Construction could be better

Trucker hats aren’t just for the boys, and Billabong makes sure no one is left out with this California Love design. There are eight bright colors to choose from that all feature the iconic bear design with faux aging. The mesh back is lightweight, and the full shape of the front gives the hat a trucker feel without being too large. The pre-curved brim makes this hat ready to wear without all of the break-in work.

In true Billabong style, this hat runs small. Thankfully, there’s a snap adjustment on the back to accommodate hair bulk. Unfortunately, the visor can feel bulky and large for some people. It also would have been nice if they included an elastic or sweat-wicking headband.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Billabong
  • Materials: 57-percent polyester, 43-percent cotton
  • Type: Full


  • Adjustable closure
  • Pre-curved brim
  • Mesh back
  • Large artwork on the front 


  • Small size 
  • Brim feels too large and bulky

Best Trucker Hat With Adjustable Snapback

FlexFit Trucker Mesh Fitted Cap

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Have a hat for every outfit with this fitted trucker hat. Unlike other hats with color combinations on this list, this one gives you many options. You can barely call it a trucker hat with its medium profile and fitted style. The FlexFit band will keep your hat in place throughout any activity, even a gentle hug from your mother. The rounded visor sits lower on your face and blocks the sun from getting on your face. Reinforced stitching throughout makes this hat tough enough to handle anything you throw at it.

Unfortunately, there’s no size adjustability, so it either fits your head or the internal elastic band is so tight it pinches you. There’s also the small issue of the entire hat being stiff. A long break-in period will help fix this.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Flexfit
  • Materials: 55-percent polyester, 43-percent cotton, 2-percent Spandex
  • Type: Medium


  • FlexFit band
  • Rounded visor
  • Solid lining
  • Reinforced stitching


  • Elastic can pinch 
  • Very stiff
  • No size adjustability

Look old-school laid-back surfer cool in this trucker hat. Does a single palm tree make this hat tropical? Not really, but it does inspire a beachy vibe. The visor has a slight curve, but you’ll still need to break this hat in. The top-quality construction and double stitching give this hat durability, which is great if you put your hats through a beating.

Don’t plan on wearing this hat when it’s hot out. Your sweat will bleach the colors and make your hat look busted. Although, if you prefer the well-worn look, then this could be an advantage for you. An odd feature of this hat is the front seam can dig into your forehead, leaving you with an embarrassing red mark and dent when you take the hat off.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Lindo
  • Materials: Cotton and mesh
  • Type: Medium


  • Top-quality construction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Plastic snap closure 
  • Slightly curved brim


  • Uncomfortable front center seam 
  • Sweat bleaches the color

If you are the one who loves to have everything you wear match, this Oakley trucker hat is the perfect addition to your sunglasses, clothes, and other gear. There are seven colors to choose from, but they all come with the same black mesh, which is disappointing because it doesn’t look great with all colors. It has the classic snap strap on the back for a custom fit and a pre-curved visor to get a head start on breaking it in. It looks plain with no detailing or design on the front, but it does have not-so-subtle logo branding on the bottom left.

Oakley claims the hat is one size fits all, but it runs small. So while it’s adjustable, it may not fit your large head. It also sits high on your head, which is an odd fit and may not look good on some people.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Oakley
  • Materials: 70-percent acrylic and 30-percent wool
  • Type: Full


  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Elastic closure
  • High-density lock-up logo
  • Pre-curved brim 


  • It sits high on the head
  • Sizes run small

Carhartt is known for making durable and functional work gear, so why would their hats be any different? In true workman fashion, it comes in six understated colors, black, dark khaki, midnight, navy, onyx, and shadow. Since you’ll be wearing it while working up a sweat, you’ll appreciate the cotton used in the construction and the sweatband that wicks sweat, fights odors, and is fast drying. The pre-curved visor gives it that lived-in feel, and the subtle logo branding on the side keeps you looking professional.

Unfortunately, this hat is stiff and uncomfortable everywhere except the visor. A flimsy visor and a stiff hat make for an awkward combo on your head. Break it in, and hopefully, things will get better in time.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Carhartt
  • Materials: 59-percent cotton, 39-percent polyester, 2-percent Spandex
  • Type: Medium


  • Pre-curved visor
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Carhartt label is sewn on the side
  • FastDry technology sweatband


  • The front feels very stiff
  • Brim can feel flimsy

Our Verdict

Our top pick for the best trucker hat is the Goorin Bros. Men’s Animal Farm Trucker Hat with its traditional styling, cotton twill headband, and adjustable closure.

A more affordable option is the Dalix Two-Tone Adjustable Trucker Hat, with its customization ability.

What to Consider When Buying a Trucker Hat

You’ll see three types of trucker hats defined by their height and shape. The hat style you choose will depend on your head size and style preferences. Your new hat should fit like a glove. Slip it on and forget you’re wearing it as it shades your face and completes your look.

Types of Trucker Hats


You want to wear a trucker hat, but you aren’t ready to commit to the sky-high style of the traditional models, so a medium type is for you. They have a mid-crown rise, which is just a step up from a low-profile design. Can you really even call these trucker hats? Technically yes, because they have a medium depth and structure to the front. For those of you with smaller-sized heads, we aren’t judging you, but you should probably stick with this style. If you have a larger-sized head and try to wear this type, prepare for a tight fit and pinching around the band.


If you feel like Goldilocks looking for a trucker hat that’s sized just right, then consider the full type. It has a high crown, giving it more of a trucker hat feel than the medium-style hats. However, it isn’t so large that you look like a cone head as with the high style of hats. These have a full depth, making them perfect for those of you with average-sized heads. If you’re going to risk buying a one size fits all hat, then this is the type it should be for the greatest odds of your new hat actually fitting your head.


If you’re looking for the classic trucker hat look, then you want a high-profile type of hat. No one will miss you or your hat with the massive front and sky-high crown. If you have a big noggin, then you’ll appreciate the extra space in these hats. If you have a small head, best to skip these or you’ll look like a small child who was playing dress up. To get that straight-up billboard effect, most of these hats have poly-foam in the front, which can be hot when worn in warm weather. If you’re determined to wear one of these hats, look for one with an open mesh on the back to combat the insulating effect of the front.

Trucker Hat Key Features


Make sure that it’s long lasting and can keep your head somewhat cool and dry. Cotton, polyester, and nylon are some of the best materials for making a hat. Cotton helps absorb moisture on your forehead, and the polyester or nylon mesh back keeps your head cool so that your hair doesn’t get damp and sticky from sweat. Wool is also a great fabric for making longer-lasting hats.


Trucker hats are also classified as fitted, flex fit, and adjustable fits. They may come in small, medium, or large sizes. A fitted hat is not adjustable, so you have to get the correct size for your head. Those are mostly worn for fashion. A flex-fit hat has an elastic band at the back that stretches to accommodate the shape of your head. Lastly, an adjustable-fit hat has an Velcro closure, a metal buckle strap, or a plastic snap closure at the back with a small opening where a ponytail can be pulled through.


Above all else, it’s essential to ensure that the hat is comfortable, especially if you will be wearing it frequently. The last thing you want is a hat that grazes your forehead, a Velcro strap that scratches the back of your head, or an uncomfortable tag that you have to cut off.


A moisture-absorbing headband wicks away your sweat and keeps you cool and dry. Be sure to air out your hat, or this band can smell and get funky fast. Your forehead and eyes will thank you for the comfortable feel and functional absorbency. A FlexFit band is another option; it’s like a wide elastic band. If it fits, it’s great. If it doesn’t, it feels like a vice trying to crack your skull like a walnut. This is a quick way to give yourself a headache.

Trucker Hat Benefits

Block the sun

Creating shade should be obvious if you have ever worn a hat in your life. The brim of your trucker hat blocks the sun from shining in your eyes, but this is dependent on the ability to wear it the right way. Stop squinting like a grandpa who lost his glasses and appreciate the large brim on your trucker hat. There is the added benefit of blocking UV rays, which prematurely age you — and not in a good way. You should look ruggedly handsome, not ragged and tired.

Look cool 

If you like your trucker hat, then rock it with confidence and attitude. As long as you think you look cool in your hat, that is all that matters. Choose one with a simple design or traditional logo and channel your inner 1960s long-haul trucker. Complete the look with a classic white tee and a pair of beat-up old jeans that you have broken in to be the most comfortable pants you own. Get ready to be mistaken for Ashton Kutcher.

Promote your hustle 

There is a literal billboard on your forehead when you don a trucker hat. What message do you want to give people? If you have a business or side hustle, this is your chance to promote it. Slap a patch on the front and become your best marketing tool. Have a message, slogan, or life motto? Put it on your hat. When people comment or ask about it, pounce on your opportunity to impart unsolicited wisdom to others.

Trucker Hat Pricing Considerations

The most affordable trucker hat you can get is a free promotional one. These hats aren’t always the best quality, and you’re stuck with a company logo on the front. But even if you don’t like the logo, you still have a free hat. If you want more say over your headgear, don’t be cheap. Man up and buy a hat. For under 20 bucks, you can easily find yourself a simple and reliable hat. If you want something with a bit more style or a specific logo, you can easily spend $30 to $50. Then there are the luxury and trendy designers that will demand $100 or more for one of their creations.

Tips and Tricks

As with something you do for decades upon decades, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product, and/or using it. That’s the case with us and trucker hats. To help you bridge the information gap, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned along the way.

  • Your brand new hat is going to feel stiffer than a brand new set of tires. But just like those tires, the more you use them, the more they get broken in. Soon you’ll have a hat that’s perfectly formed to the shape of your head, be it round, oval, or anything else.
  • Hat manufacturers recommend that you hand wash your hat, but who has time for that? Pick yourself up a hat washing cage and throw that bad boy in the washing machine.
  • Don’t let people start subtly sniffing around you as they attempt to identify the mystery funk. It’s your hat, and you can keep it from smelling by simply taking it off and letting it air out at night.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Why is it called a trucker hat?

Mostly because it was popular in the 70s amongst blue-collar workers, including truckers. The hats helped to keep their heads cool by shielding them from the sun.

Q: Do trucker hats protect from the sun?

Yes, they do. They are designed with a curved or straight bill that protects your face from the sun, making it one of the best hats for blue-collar workers. They can also help to shield your face and head from the elements such as a heavy downpour.

Q: Are truck hats in fashion this year?

Trucker hats have been in and out of fashion throughout the years. But, since fashion is subjective, you can always wear a trucker hat as long as it compliments your overall appearance.

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