Best Car Bras: Protect and Give Your Car Style

Give your car a unique look while also protecting the front end

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BYAndra DelMonico, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON November 18, 2021

Some people go out of their way to take care of their cars. But what do you do to protect your car during its most vulnerable time? A car bra protects the front end of your vehicle while you drive. It prevents your bumper and hood from getting dings, nicks, and dents. 

There are car bra covers that vary in protection levels from minimal to full coverage. Protect your car’s paint job with one of the following car masks.

Best Overall
LeBra Front End Cover 55726-01

LeBra Front End Cover 55726-01


A custom car bra that’s made just for Mustangs, with a two-piece design that offers complete protection along with an easy, secure fit.

  • Made out of breathable black vinyl material
  • Precision fit thanks to the customized pattern that suits only one make and model
  • Prevents damage caused by rocks, bugs, tar, and other road obstacles
  • Can have a wrinkled appearance even when pulled tight
  • Plastic clips can break with wear and time
Best Value

Covercraft LeBra Custom Fit Front End Cover


Protect the front of your car with this leather grain vinyl car bra. Once applied, it will provide full front end maximum protection. It fits Chevy Impala models from 2006 through 2016.

  • You’ll get a custom fit with this car bra thanks to the patterned design
  • High-quality materials are durable and protective of your car
  • Clips can break loose and cause the car bra to come off of your car
  • Double-check that you receive the correct car bra for your car upon delivery
Honorable Mention

Camaro NoviStretch Front Bra High Tech Stretch Mask


This car bra is made of stretchy fabric that contours around the shape of your Camaro. It fits all 6th generation and newer Camaros. There’s heavy-duty elastic trim to hold the edges. 

  • Fabric is breathable and durable, so that your car’s paint is protected
  • Installation of this car bra is easy with an easy-to-use fastening system 
  • Dark color of the fabric fades quickly in the sun
  • Not as durable as other car covers
  • Expect it to last just a couple of years before it needs replacing

Benefits of Car Bras

  • Protection. As you are driving, rocks kick up, bugs splatter, and different types of road debris hit your car. This will damage the paint. A car bra puts a protective barrier over your car’s finish.
  • Style. Car bras can give your car a stylish and a bit of a sporty look. Look for one that complements the shape of your car. It should wrap over the most vulnerable parts of the front of the vehicle.
  • Retained value. When you use a car bra, you can retain the value of your car better by keeping the car in good condition. This will be a benefit if you try to sell the car.

Types of Car Bras


This style of car bra provides the most coverage on the front end of your car. It covers the entire grill and the entire bumper area. It typically covers the front area of the hood and fenders. You should be able to still easily open the hood with this type of car bra. Because of the complete coverage, you need to buy one that’s meant for your car’s make, model, and year. That way, it can account for vehicle-specific features, such as pop-up headlights or fog lights. 


If you’re looking for a bit more hood protection, then consider the t-bar style car hood bra. This style of bra extends up the hood and attaches to the center top of the hood. This creates an upside-down “T” on the front of the car. Some car bras will only cover the hood, while others will also extend down and cover the front grille and bumper. 


If you want to balance protection with style, then a sport car bra may work better. This style of bra lets you protect the front bumper but allows you to show off your grille. It wraps around the most prominent edges, which are the areas that suffer the greatest beating. By leaving the grille exposed, you can have a custom grille that will change the look of your car. 

Top Brands


Founded in southern California in 1965, Covercraft is now based in Oklahoma. It’s one of the most well-known companies that make car covers and automotive accessories. The company is known for producing custom-fit covers and has over 450,000 patterns in its library. Check out the Covercraft Front End Cover and experience the quality for yourself. 


The Lebra brand is a brand under the Covercraft umbrella. Covers under the Lebra brand label are custom cut from model-specific patterns to give your car the closest fit possible. Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure longevity. The Lebra Black Custom Front End Cover is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to excellence. 


For over 30 years, Colgan has been a leader in the car and truck accessory market. It was the first company to start selling car bras online in 1995. Since then, the company has grown to spread its car bras all over the world from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The Colgan Custom Fit Original Front End Mask will both protect your car and complement its looks. 

Car Bras Pricing

  • Under $50: These covers are smaller and easier to install. They tend to have more simplified attachment systems. The fabric tends to be lower quality and thinner than more expensive products.
  • $50 to $100: This is where the bulk of car bras fall. You’ll find a variety of materials, attachment systems, and cut styles.
  • Over $100: These are high-end car covers, and they are the most durable. They have more sophisticated attachment systems and use material that adds stylistic flair to your car.

Key Features


Pay attention to how the car bra attaches to your car. There are several different methods, so look for one that is both easy to use and secure when installed. Velcro can be easy to work with but is not always durable or secure. Hooks can be more challenging to work with but can be more secure once installed. 


Look at the material that’s used to make the bra. Vinyl is very popular. This is okay, but it needs to be a high-quality vinyl or it may break and tear. UV protection boosts a car bra’s durability as the sun’s rays can weaken the material. You also need high-quality attachments, or you risk the bra falling off. The hooks could break and snap, which can damage your car. 


Think about how much coverage you want for your car. The more parts of your car that are covered, the more protected it is. However, the more of your car that’s covered, the less of the actual car you can see. Larger covers are also more expensive and require more effort to install. 

Other Considerations

  • Ease of Cleaning: You can remove some bras and throw them in the washing machine. This is the easiest way to clean an all-cloth cover. Others you need to carefully wipe down with a cloth. Pay attention to the material the cover is made out of so you don’t use a harmful chemical cleaner on it.
  • UV Protection: Look for a cover that has UV protection. It’s going to be out in the sun, so UV protection keeps it from drying out and cracking. Covers without UV protection will grow brittle and fall apart faster. Stretchy materials and elastic become weak and no longer maintain their tight fit.
  • Ease of Use: Periodically take the cover off and clean underneath it. Otherwise, the trapped dirt and dust can wear away at your car’s paint finish. A cover that’s too hard to take off and put back on means you’re less likely to do it. Look for a cover that’s easy to install so that you can wipe down the car more often.

Best Car Bras Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This black full-coverage car bra will protect your Ford Mustang. It’s made of 25-ounce vinyl and has double stitching to reinforce its construction. There’s extra padding in the high-impact areas to provide your car with additional protection. The cover has a memory fit quality that makes putting it on and off easier. 

The entire bra is lined with soft flannel to provide your car paint with superior protection. There’s a vinyl coating on all of the hooks and tabs to protect your car. 

The outside of the bra has a UV coating to give it longevity. 

Unfortunately, the car bra has a very tight fit. It can cause the stitching to tear, and the installation can be a serious challenge. 

This car cover looks and feels like leather but is actually vinyl. Once installed, it will fully protect your car’s front end. It has a custom fit, thanks to its specialized patterns. It has cutouts for the headlights and grille. 

The high-quality materials of this car bra make it durable and protective. It covers down below the fender to give you maximum coverage and protection. It fits Chevy Impala models from 2006 through 2016.

However, be careful about how you install it. The clips can break loose, which can cause the whole bra to fall off. You should also check that you have the right cover upon delivery. The customized cut means that you need the exact one for your model of car or it won’t work.

This car bra is made of durable synthetic mesh material with heavy-duty elastic trim. All of the hardware is black and hidden so that you can’t see it. The cloth wraps from underneath the bottom of the fender and up to the bottom edge of the hood. 

The mesh cloth protects the car while also allowing for airflow. This cuts down on temperature issues with the engine. It’s easy to install the cover, and it will effectively protect your car’s paint. 

Unfortunately, the dark color of this cover won’t last. It’ll fade quickly when left in the sun. It’s also not as durable as other car covers. You’ll need to replace it every couple of years. 

Dodge Charger owners will want to take a close look at the Charger NoviStretch Front Bra High Tech Stretch Mask. This is no basic car bra — it’s designed to offer a snug yet stretchy fit right against the front end of your vehicle, and it can fit all Chargers made in 2006 and beyond. 

All 6th and 7th generation Chargers can benefit from this stretchy bra. Made from elastic stretch fabric, you’ll get a fit that’s as secure and tight as needed to hug your car’s contours. An innovative “snap and strap” fastening system attaches the bra to your Charger, and it also makes it incredibly simple to put on or take off as needed. Backed by a one-year warranty, you can trust that this front end protective cover will hold its shape for at least that long. 

However, do keep in mind that there’s one flaw: it can actually cover up your turn signals. The lights should shine through when turned on, but it’s a concern worth noting before you buy.

If protection is your biggest priority, then the LeBra 551011-01 Front End Cover is just what you need. Designed and custom-patterned so it seamlessly fits Chevrolet Cobalt cars, this cover is made out of a thick layer of leather grain vinyl. This material protects and cushions the potential blow of debris, rocks, and other damage-causing items that can fly up while you’re on the road. 

This LeBra cover offers full front end coverage, wrapping over the entire front end of your Cobalt and attaching underneath the car and the hood. Once in place, it does more than just protect; it also looks great, keeps your paint free of the signs of damage, and can even help fight potential fading while your vehicle’s outdoors. 

While some customers do report a challenging fit, just make sure to double-check the measurements and attachment method to make sure it’ll perfectly fit your exact model year.


  • If you drive in wet weather, look for a car bra that dries quickly. This will eliminate the need for you to remove the car bra to let everything dry every time it gets wet. 
  • If you plan to drive somewhere in which lots of debris kicks up, then look for more coverage. If the roads you drive are relatively clear, then you can look for less hood and more lower-fender coverage.
  • Consider the amount of airflow the car bra allows. You don’t want to risk your engine overheating because you’ve blocked the entire front end of your car. 


Q: How long does it take to install a car bra?

A: For some, it can be a quick 10-15 minute project. For more complicated models, it can take one to two hours. 

Q: Can a car bra damage my vehicle?

A: Yes, it can. Without proper care and regular cleaning, the dirt under the car bra will rub away at the car’s paint. Eventually, the clear coat will dull and be full of scratches. 

Q: Can I save money with a generic fit car bra?

A: You’ll struggle to find a generic fit car bra. They typically come in a custom fit. This ensures that it will fit your particular car and adequately protect it. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best overall car bra is the LeBra Front End Cover 55726-01. It’s a custom bra made especially for Mustangs that offers complete protection.

If you’re looking for a budget cover, try the Covercraft LeBra Custom Fit Front End Cover. It has a custom fit on the front of your car and protects it from damage.

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