Best Jeep Bumpers: Add Extra Protection To Your Jeep Front

Protect your Jeep’s paint, headlights, and engine with these top-quality bumpers

byLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Robert Kimathi| UPDATED Sep 2, 2021 5:42 PM
Best Jeep Bumpers: Add Extra Protection To Your Jeep Front

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BYLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Robert Kimathi/ LAST UPDATED ON September 2, 2021

Many people don’t realize the importance of their Jeep bumpers. Apart from adding a great look to your Jeep, this component also adds extra protection to your engine and headlights in the event of a collision. There are a lot of Jeep bumpers on the market, so it is only fair that we provide you the necessary information before making a purchase. That’s why we’ve compiled the best options on the market to help you make an informed buying decision.

Best Overall
E-Autogrilles Jeep Wrangler JK Rock Crawler Front Bumper

E-Autogrilles Jeep Wrangler JK Rock Crawler Front Bumper


This bumper is a perfect fit for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. It features a 5/32-inch thick mild steel sheet and 2 x 0.120 inch heavy-duty steel tubing to enhance offroad tolerance, strength, and durability. Additionally, it comes with a built-in winch plate that can support up to 12,000 pounds.


Its finish features a textured powder coat to ensure it is corrosion-resistant, enhancing its looks and lifespan. Also, it is heavy (9,500 pounds), making it suitable for off-road use. It is fitted with rated D-Rings for accommodating more lights.


It is not a universal fitment design. This bumper is heavy and therefore not fuel-efficient.

Best Value

EAG Steel Front Bumper With Winch Plate


For a cheaper option consider the EAG bumper, which fits all 1987-2006 Jeep TJ and YJ Wrangler models. It is constructed using a 5/32-inch cold rolled steel sheet and 2 x 0.120 inch steel tubing for enhanced offroad dependability. It is then coated with textured black powder to prevent rusting.


It features a built-in winch plate that supports up to 12,000 pounds. Also, its welded hoop enhance protection on the front of the Jeep, while the two tabs on the pre-runner hoop offer room for extra off-road light installation. It is a simple installation that does not require any cutting or drilling.


Some users complain that the bottom holes do not line up, so you have to drill new ones. It also does not fit some modes without modification.

Honorable Mention

LEDKINGDOMUS Front Bumper With Winch Plate


This bumper is one of the best fitment for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited two- or four-door models. It features heavy-duty steel construction for superior strength and durability even in tough off-road conditions. Its LED accent lighting (two 18-watt and two 20-watt LED lights) makes your Jeep stand out among the crowd.


Its finish features a two-stage textured black powder for corrosion resistivity. Its built-in winch plate ensures up to 12,000 pounds of load support while still enhancing its looks. Additionally, it comes with all the necessary hardware for an easy bolt-on installation.


To install the lighting, you’ll need a wiring harness, which is not included. LED lights are of poor quality. It does not fit the ‘90s YJ.

Benefits of Jeep Bumpers

  • Improved capabilities. Upgrading a Jeep’s front bumper can quickly increase its off-road capabilities. You’ll get better performance from bumpers with increased clearance, winch mounts, D-ring shackles, and lighting brackets.
  • Aesthetics. Nothing looks cooler than a Jeep Wrangler with an aggressive front end. Swapping your bumper from stock to an upgraded bumper or grille guard will give your Jeep a fresh look.
  • Protection. Off-road bumpers are often overbuilt to withstand the rigors of rough terrain. By default, these bumpers are stronger than factory bumpers and do a better job of protecting your Jeep’s front end.

Types of Jeep Bumpers

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Stubby front bumpers are the best Jeep front bumpers for increasing tire clearance. These bumpers are only as wide as the Jeep’s grille, which allows larger tires to be used on the vehicle so they do not strike the bumper. While some see this as the great advantage of stubby bumpers, the design leaves the tires and fenders unprotected against obstacles that could cause damage. Stubby bumpers are commonly used for rock crawling.


Recovery bumpers are designed to give the user something to pull with. They’re heavy-duty and have multiple attachment locations for D-rings, shackles, and winch hooks. The idea is that if your Jeep gets stuck off-road, you can hook a winch to the shackles and then pull the vehicle out of its predicament. These bumpers are built to be extra tough and often come fitted with heavy-duty winch plates. 


These are the quintessential grille guards that everyone associates with Jeep front bumpers. As the name suggests, these bumpers are built from steel tubes and are designed to protect the front end in an off-road scenario. If you need some extra lighting off-road, these bumpers are ideal for mounting auxiliary floodlights, fog lights, and lightbars. There are several lighting systems designed to bolt on and plug in. However, tubular bumpers are not meant for towing, so they usually don’t come with winch plates.


Stinger bumpers have a horseshoe-style bar, also known as a bull bar, in the front of the bumper that protrudes up and out from the front end. This style of bumper provides stability before an end-over-end situation takes place off-road. It can also be used to slide up and over an obstacle that the tires can’t clear.


There are several Jeep Wrangler bumpers on the market that are combinations of these styles. It’s not uncommon to find stinger bumpers with winch plates, D-rings, and shackles attached to them. Stubby bumpers sometimes come with a bull bar that acts as a grille guard. There are several styles available, so it should be easy to find the one that you want for your off-roading adventures. 

Top Brands


A pioneer in the off-road industry, Smittybilt builds top-quality off-road gear for trucks and Jeeps. Headquartered in Compton, California, Smittybilt has over 60 years of experience in the industry, so it’s no wonder products like this Smittybilt XRC Rear Bumper are so well-respected.


E-Autogrilles, or EAG, has been producing aftermarket off-road grilles since 2010. EAG has built a reputation by offering quality products at an affordable price, like this EAG Full Width Rear Bumper with Secure Lock Tire Carrier. It even comes with an adapter for a back-up cam.

Warn Industries

With a home office in Clackamas, Oregon, Warn got its start retrofitting WW2 Jeep hubs over 70 years ago. With that type of heritage, it only made sense to expand to Jeep bumpers. The WARN Elite Series Stubby Front Bumper available on Amazon is a serious piece of hardware. 

Jeep Bumpers Pricing

  • Up to $200: This price range may be ideal for someone looking for style over performance. These bumpers look great but might not hold up in off-road scenarios.
  • $200 to $500: This is the range where form and function begin to meet. These bumpers are sturdy and offer good platforms for winches and tow hooks.
  • $500 and up: If you’re a serious off-roader, this is where you’ll find your bumper. These bumpers are extremely durable and made of the strongest materials.

Key Features

Attachment Points

In the past, if you wanted to attach D-rings or a winch to your Jeep, you had to drill into your bumper and attach custom plates. Bumpers now come with winch plates and D-ring mounts already installed. This makes it easy to install your winch, so you can get a mechanical advantage off-road when things start to get dicey.


Some Jeep bumpers provide increased off-road clearance. These bumpers allow improved approach and descent angles to keep your Jeep from bottoming out or hanging up on an obstacle along the trail. It would be a shame to get hung up on a popular trail like Rubicon and cause a rock-crawler gridlock. Bumpers with increased clearance will help you avoid that.

Other Considerations

  • Skid Plate: With increased ground clearance comes the increased likelihood of striking the undercarriage of your Jeep while off-road. It’s worth checking into a skid plate to work in conjunction with your bumper to protect your Jeep’s underside from big hits on rough terrain.
  • Lighting: Some Jeep bumpers come with LED lights already installed on or inside of them. This can be quite a cost savings if you had plans of adding auxiliary lighting anyway. These bumpers come with all the hardware and diagrams you need to install the bumper and get off the road.

Best Jeep Bumpers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Our choice for the Best Jeep Bumper Overall is the E-Autogrilles Jeep Wrangler JK Rock Crawler Front Bumper. This bumper fits a 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler and features 5/32-inch-thick mild steel construction. It also features two-inch steel tubing for added protection and function.

The EAG Rock Crawler has a lot going for it. We like that this Jeep Wrangler bumper has a textured black powder-coat finish that will protect the bumper for a long time. The D-Rings are helpful attachment points, and we also like the fact that it can support a winch with a 12,000-pound capacity. That should be plenty of off-road pulling power.

If saving fuel is your thing, then this bumper might not be the one for you. It’s very heavy and will put a drag on your miles per gallon. Also, the most common issue buyers have with this bumper is faulty powder coating. It appears a flaw in EAG’s process caused several bumpers to rust prematurely.

If you’re looking for a Jeep Wrangler bumper for an affordable price, look no further than the EAG Steel Front Bumper with Winch Plate. Our choice for the Best Value Jeep Bumper fits all Jeep Wranglers, TJs, and YJs from 1987 to 2006. It’s made from heavy-duty, high-quality 5/32-inch cold rolled steel and features a two-inch bar for extra protection.

The EAG is a very capable bumper at this price point. The steel that it’s constructed from is of good quality, and the winch plate is designed for a 12,000-pound unit. We like the black powder-coat finish as it’s both attractive and durable. There are mounting points for extra lighting, and the pre-runner style bull bar adds some style.

Still, there are a few issues to be aware of with our value choice. Installation might not be as straightforward as you would hope. Some users have stated bolt holes are misaligned, and they’ve had to drill their own holes. Also, EAG’s powder-coat process is an issue, so you’ll have to keep an eye out to see if your bumper is affected.

Our Honorable Mention spot belongs to the LEDKINGDOMUS Front Bumper with Winch Plate. This bumper is designed to fit 2007-2018 Wranglers, and it features heavy-duty steel construction. It comes with four LED lights already installed in the bumper that give your Jeep a unique look and style.

The LEDKINGDOMUS has some features worth talking about. We like the D-ring mounts that it comes with. We also like that it has lighting installed inside of the bumper, keeping your Jeep’s front end more streamlined. Also, the powder coating appears to be of good quality with LEDKINGDOMUS stating it uses a two-stage finish. The winch plate is plenty strong, allowing a 12,000-pound winch to mount securely to the bumper. Installation of the bumper is easy as it comes with all the hardware and installation instructions you’ll need to get started.

Installing the bumper may be easy, but if you don’t have a wiring harness, the supplied lights will be a different story. LEDKINGDOMUS does not include a wiring harness for the lights, so you’ll have to supply your own. Also, the lights aren’t very bright, so you might want to upgrade them before you finish your installation.

The Smittybilt Black XRC Front Bumper is designed for Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018 JKs, including those with the vacuum pump inside the front frame. It's designed to provide optimum protection and features a 3/16-inch solid plate center section that safeguards the frame horns and lower cross member when off-roading.

The bumper includes a built-in winch mount and can hold a winch with a 15,000-pound rated line pull. Other features include a one-piece welded design, a solid D-ring mount that's welded inside and out, raised corners for optimal entry and exit in extreme conditions, and a 2-inch over rider and wings constructed of 2-inch wall tubing. Users report that the welds are solid, and it's easy to install. It also provides a more aggressive look over stock bumpers.

One downside is that you may need to drill holes in the cross member for the bottom bolts for a proper fit. Also, there have been complaints that there isn't a spot for fog lights.

The Nilight Front Bumper is designed to fit 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JKs. It's made of 5/32-inch mild steel plating and is covered in an epoxy pre-coating and high-quality textured black powder coating for durability. The bumper has a winch mount that can accommodate a 12,000-pound winch, and it comes with two 3/4-inch pin D-rings that can support 9,500-pound loads.

Installation is simple; it bolts on using the factory holes and no drilling or cutting is required. All the holes should line up, and it's a very straightforward set up. Mounting hardware and instructions are included, and you can also install OEM fog lights into this bumper without modifications. Overall, this bumper is sturdy, solid, and it looks sharp.

However, there have been some complaints that the package doesn't include the hardware for fog lights. It's also a little bit of a hassle to get the little nut and bolts in place on the fog lights.


  • Before buying a Jeep bumper, it’s important to consider its weight. Heavy bumpers are excellent for protection but result in high fuel consumption. On the other hand, lightweight bumpers are not good for protection, but they do not compromise on fuel efficiency.
  • Although the design of the bumper does not affect its functionality, it is advisable to consider the best design for a desirable look and ease of installation. Here, you should look for a bumper that does not require a lot of drilling in order to fit your Jeep.
  • Always consider the type of coating on your bumper. Dual powder coating or black powder coating is the best, since it prevents rusting, enhancing durability and functionality.


Q: Will bumpers fit any vehicle?

A: Some bumpers are universal, while others are Jeep specific. There are designs for the two-door Jeep and also for the four-door Jeep. It is important to know if the bumper you intend to buy fits your vehicle.

Q: Do I need a professional to install my bumper?

A: No, the installation of most bumpers in the market is easy and straightforward. Apart from that, most manufacturers provide installation hardware, along with an instructional manual on how to install and use your bumper.

Q: How long does a bumper last?

A: This depends on the materials, coating, and the maintenance of the bumper. Assuming you are not involved in a serious accident, a heavy-duty and a polish-coated bumper can last you a lifetime. However, it might need polishing once in a while.

Final Thoughts

For the best overall, E-Autogrilles Jeep Wrangler JK Rock Crawler Front Bumper is our top pick It is sturdy, durable and enhances the look on your jeep.

Our best value pick is the EAG Steel Front Bumper with Winch Plate. It is also very strong, corrosion-resistant, and efficient in protecting the front of your Jeep.