Best Truck Speakers: Strive for a Clear Sound

Get the best sound from your truck with these aftermarket speakers

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PUBLISHED ON December 20, 2019

Whether you’re an audiophile who’s thinking of upgrading the factory speakers that came with your truck, or just a music lover looking to replace a speaker that blew out, chances are you’re searching for the best listening experience you can find. With a simple upgrade, you can build a system that delivers clear, balanced sound whether on the road or off. There are many car audio systems on the market, so we’ve sifted out the best truck speakers currently available.

  • Best Overall
    Pioneer Mid-Range Speakers

    Corrugated speakers available in multiple sizes. They’re a little pricey but are the best choice for standout bass performance.


    Perform extremely well when part of an aftermarket sound system. Great mid-bass speakers to fill in the gaps between deep bass and vocals.


    Some tinkering and other attachments (usually an amp) are required to reach peak performance. These also lean a  little expensive for the casual buyer.

  • Best Value
    Rockford Fosgate Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

    Full-range speakers that come with their own mounting hardware and provide a budget-conscious choice for your factory sound system upgrade.


    Firm construction for a good price and they come with a one-year warranty. They’re good at balancing sound across your entire vehicle.


    Some buyers have reported disappointing bass in front-installed speakers. Also, the mounting bolts might need to be replaced during installation.

  • Honorable Mention
    Kenwood 600-Watt Speakers

    Four-way speakers made to fit a wide range of vehicles. Built to balance enhanced sound quality with affordability.


    Great sound clarity at every pitch. Easy to install as an upgrade or replacement. A deep sound comes on its own without additional amps or subwoofers.


    These speakers are not as good at handling high levels of bass and are much better at the all-around sound. High-frequency notes can sometimes sound grating at louder volumes.

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  • Consider replacing your factory speakers even if they aren’t broken. Not only are many aftermarket units built with better sound quality, but your truck’s built-in speakers can also deteriorate over time even if they don’t blow out all at once. Replacing them is almost a guarantee you’ll have an improved listening experience.
  • Also, think about adding new peripherals. Factory-added audio in trucks tends to be stripped down in order to fit around everything else the vehicle needs. Something as simple as an aftermarket amplifier can give you a lot more flexibility and quality.
  • Every audio system has to contend with one simple problem: loud roads. One often-overlooked solution to coax an extra performance out of your speakers is to dampen road noise by using soundproof materials in other parts of your truck. The most common step is to slip sound-dampening panels into your doors. This will give you a quieter ride even when you aren’t listening to anything.


Q: Do truck speakers work with all makes and models?

A: Individual product models don’t necessarily work with every truck. However, most aftermarket speakers are part of product lines that are designed to fit as many makes and models as possible. If a specific speaker doesn’t work in your truck, a closely related one likely will.

Q: How difficult is it to install new speakers?

A: It’s not difficult at all. It’s one of the easiest replacement parts you’re likely to find. Simply remove the factory speaker and plug in the new one, replacing any panels you have to remove along the way.

Q: Why are most factory speakers worse than most aftermarket speakers?

A: Factory speakers aren’t built to last. They tend to be built out of the cheapest materials available, which can be damaged over time by regular use. In contrast, aftermarket speakers are often constructed of ceramic or strong synthetic materials.

Final Thoughts

We recommend the Pioneer Mid-Range Speakers as the best all-around sound enhancers for truck drivers. Rockford Fosgate's Prime Full-Range Speakers also provide great value for their price.