Watch a Vintage Chevy Corvette Fall off a Transporter in Botched Delivery

Featuring the tragic sound of fiberglass and steel smashing into the asphalt.

byLewin Day|
Chevrolet News photo

Getting a vintage car restored can be a process that takes many years and a big pile of money. It's all worth it to see your precious vehicle roll off the transporter for you to enjoy. That is, unless it plummets ass-first into the ground, like this vintage 1962 Chevrolet Corvette.

As covered by CorvetteBlogger, this video posted by beach_pirate on TikTok shows just how badly a delivery can go. In the footage, the pristine vintage Corvette is seen getting unloaded from the top level of a car transporter. As the delivery driver gently pushes the car out onto the lift, disaster strikes. The Corvette gains too much momentum. It rolls easily over the wheel chock on the lift. The driver tries to hold back the car with his arms through the window, but he is powerless to stop the inevitable. The car crashes to the ground.

Naturally, there's plenty of swearing involved, and an exasperated "C'MON, man!" in the immediate aftermath of the incident. It's one of those accidents where you know the damage is bad before you even see it. The Corvette's stance indicates likely suspension and frame damage from the hard hit. The trunk is also popped open from the impact, thanks to a massive crack in the car's fiberglass body. Plus, a hubcap fell off for comedic effect.

We can take several lessons from this video. For one, the tiny plastic wheel chock used was not enough for the job. A little lump of plastic isn't much to hold back thousands of pounds of vehicle from falling off a lift. Beyond that, it's important to use the utmost care when unloading a car in this manner. The delivery driver looked entirely unprepared for the car suddenly rolling away.

It's a heartbreaking video for the owner, of course. It's one of those cases where you have to simply decline the delivery and have the car sent back to the shop. Even still, there's likely significant damage to the car that will be difficult to rectify to its original condition. That's the real shame here.

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