Rare 1968 Chevy Corvette Sportwagon Pops Up on Craigslist in Rough Shape

Give ol’ Hugh Potential a ring for this Eckler-kitted rarity—if you dare.

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Ah, the proverbial numbers-matching basket case. Rough bodywork, check. No title, check. Uncertain history, also check. Blurry photos, check. Weird mods, hell yes, check. Welcome to the most Craigslist C3-era Corvette ad in existence, folks. 

Nothing polarizes Corvette fans more than classic shooting brakes. They're either the most awesome thing since sliced American cheese oozed into a ground hunk o' cow, or a "Y U RUNE KLASSIK?" special. 

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This rough 1968 example on South Jersey Craigslist is no exception. The seller writes: 

1968 corvette matching number  350 hp 327 auto ! custom greenwood back end echler front end very rare !  dont know much about it ,so the information is not guranteed. not responsible for prior owners or conditions ! sold as is were is .without a title. that being said in my opinion it has hugh potential for a full on custom. serious inquires only no text 15000 !   call  [show contact info]

no text !!  if you see it posted its still available !!

$15,000 may be optimistic for a rough example with the 350-cubic-inch V8 that sat right in the middle of the 1968 model range. The only reason to keep that three-speed automatic would be to keep those numbers a-matchin', but hear Hugh Potential out. This weird kit is ultra-rare, not to mention forward-thinking for ludicrous custom Corvettes to come. It's the Callaway AeroWagon long before the AeroWagon was a thing, and we all know the modern-day internet's obsession with wagons and shooting brakes. 

We can't see that Eckler's front end to know for sure, but the rear definitely looks more like Eckler's Corvette Sportwagon shooting brake conversion than the Greenwood version. Eckler's kit didn't have an opening rear window like the Greenwood kits did, and it also didn't have the windows that curved over the roofline like the Greenwoods. 

You probably can't fit your golf clubs in the back without a rear hatch unless you put them into a wood chipper first, but that's a small price to pay for a genuine oddity. That's the other catch: finding information and parts for a custom Corvette of unknown provenance should be a research project in itself. 

Is this your ticket to Project Car Heaven or Project Car Hell? You can view the full listing below, or go here on Craigslist if you're interested. 

Screencap via Craigslist

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