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Wacky 1984 Chevy S-10 Conversion Van on Craigslist Is ’80s Road Trip Royalty

Rear captain's chairs, a bed, and mood lighting. What more do you need?

I was was barely alive long enough to have a cup of coffee during the ’80s but it seemed like a pretty wild decade, especially for cars. One of the car trends that best exemplifies the ’80s was the van conversion, where owners would take any sort of van, or even a pickup truck, and convert it into a motorhome. This 1984 Chevy S-10 conversion van, that’s currently for sale on Milwaukee Craigslist is a perfect example.

It started out life as an S-10 pickup (which is ironically the truck I learned to drive stick on) but was then converted into a rolling lounge of sorts. The bed was removed and a massive, brown, van-like body was mounted to the cab. The connection between the cab and the van-like back end is also open, so the front passengers can freely move between the two spaces. The rear space has two captain’s chairs, which recline almost all the way back, turning them into mini beds. Behind them is a rear bench seat which also folds completely flat, making another bed. All of which are thickly padded and covered in brown fabric with tan piping.

The driver’s side of the van compartment features three windows with curtain shades, the top of which features upward-facing ambient lighting. Same goes for the rear window. Each window also has a built-in cupholder. There are even little spot lights built into the headliner to completely light the rear space. While the passenger side features a single shaded window and a massive gullwing door, so you can get into the rear compartment from the outside, Mercedes-style.

According to the ad listing, the Chevy S-10 is packing its 2.8-liter V6 option, which came with 110 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque. I distinctly remember that V6 feeling underpowered in my family’s old ’89 S-10, so I can only imagine what it feels like lugging around all of this extra weight. Although, this conversion van isn’t about speed or even driving, to be honest. It’s all about hanging out in the back once you get to your destination.

It’s hard to judge the quality of the conversion through photos but there are some janky looking details, such as the sealant around the window above the front cab. Although, it mostly seems in good condition, even with its 99,000 miles. There’s a rip here, a tear there, and potentially a bit of corrosion on the driver’s side front wheel well. Overall, though, it seems to be pretty solid. The seller claims it to be a rare conversion, with only five ever made, and is asking $10,800. Anyone who feels nostalgic about that time period might very well find this conversion worth that cost and whoever buys it will cruise down the road like 1980s royalty.