Finally, a Seven-Door Chevy 3500 Stretch Dually for the Whole Extended Family

Bring the kids! And Grandma! And Grandpa. And the aunts. And the uncles. And…

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If you're gunning to be Parent of the Year, there are few better shoe-ins than buying the ultimate family hauler: a lengthened 2002 Chevrolet 3500 dually pickup with a total of seven doors. That's six doors plus a suicide door for better access to the back row. 

Look, we appreciate a good van around these parts, and certainly, you could nab a nice Mercedes-Benz Metris or whatever to haul the kids' entire soccer team and call it a day. However, even the nicest vans are way less spacious inside, far less comfortable to climb in and out of, and incapable of towing a fifth-wheel trailer. 

The Parent of the Year is getting that pony, dagnabbit. 

With a 6.6-liter LB7 Duramax under the hood under the hood that the seller claims was recently rebuilt about 25,000 miles ago, there's ample potential to retrieve multiple ponies. One could probably hop into the very back of the truck where a rear-hinged door opens up more space to climb in and out. You can read the seller's full list of modifications on the listing here, but it doesn't sound like the truck is wanting for power. 

The stretch conversion and three-inch body drop was done by Paint by Krusty, who the seller says repainted the truck about three or four years ago. It wears the front clip of the SS version of the Silverado, a cowl hood and Eagle alloy wheels. 

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The best part of this find is that it's clearly still set up for truck stuff. This isn't just another limo. The four captain's chairs and bench seat in the back all wear Carhartt seat covers for whatever kid, work or nature things you can throw at it. It looks like there's room for more seats in there if you really needed another row, too. 

The two 17.3-inch overhead DVD players are about as limo-like as it gets, which is a nice break from every other stretched vehicle we usually see for sale online. There's also that B&W gooseneck hitch as well as a bed-mounted 40-gallon fuel cell to help feed it all. 

Facebook | Kurt Barnhart

It should be comfy, too, with its auto-leveling airbag system. Want to go on a longer trip with the entire church group and the pony? Here you go. This is the truck. 

The seller's current asking price is $32,000 or best offer, and you can see the full ad with more information on Facebook here

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