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Which Brands of Gas Do You Prefer and Why?

Cursory research indicates that the difference between gasoline brands is negligible. But some of us still go out of our way for a preferred brand.
Andrew P. Collins (Adobe Stock assets)

Does the brand of gasoline you use actually make a difference in a car’s performance or longevity? This question has been asked and answered plenty of times. But regardless of what the internet consensus is on the subject, many drivers, including myself, go out of their way to put certain brands of fuel into their vehicles. So we want to get a little convo going here—which brands of gasoline do you prefer, and why?

I casually research this topic a few times every year. Pretty much any article or video on the subject is filled with anecdotal comments along the lines of, “I worked at a gas station, the same trucks fill a bunch of different brands,” while Shell clearly has a more aggressive marketing campaign than the rest. Its representatives are always popping up in videos and quotes hyping V-Power Nitro.

Now I’ll admit that I like Shell myself, mostly because the brand’s flag is often flying at motorsports events and I think the company colors are cool. And if I’m being totally honest, Shell’s brags about its superior additive package do get internalized in my brain. Plus, although many videos talking about Shell’s premium gas cite and quote Shell spokespeople, there are also independent tests like Project Farm’s here that do indicate V-Power does indeed have at least some observable benefit over cheap gas.

I also like Mobil, again purely because I’m a sucker for things I’ve seen stickered on race cars. If I can’t find that, I’ll grab anything that’s certified as Top Tier detergent gasoline. That, at least, has been independently verified as an indicator that the so-labeled gas is consistently acceptable.

If you’re looking for the simplest answer on which gas you should be burning, I recommend simply sticking with busy stations from brands you recognize. That way, it’s more likely the fuel hasn’t been stagnating long enough to be contaminated versus a backwater station that doesn’t resupply as often.

We’re going to look into some more scientific comparisons of various fuel brands (taste test? just kidding) to see if there are any appreciable differences in gasoline brands these days. But before we start investigating any further, we’re curious if there are any gasoline brands you go out of your way for. Which ones do you prioritize, and why?

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