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Totaled 2022 Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Pops Up on Copart With Just 1,064 Miles

It's been bid to $221,000.

Ever wreck your one-of-350, 769-horsepower Lamborghini hypercar? No? Well, somebody did, and it wasn’t me. A 2022 Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae has ended up on a Copart lot outside of Atlanta. The premier version of the Aventador, this one was wrecked with just 1,064 miles on the odometer. Ouch.

The car has suffered some pretty severe damage in multiple areas. Copart describes the damage as “ALL OVER.” Most of the rear bodywork, including both taillights, appears to be missing. The rear wheels are also missing their tires, and one looks seriously bent out of shape, too. It’s hard to say what kind of crash this car was actually in, but it looks like it was pretty severe. This is not a case where it’s a question of why a car was totaled. It’s a matter of how.

Aventador Ultimaes originally sold for around half a million dollars. At least officially. Good luck getting one for that much—a little bit of hard-hitting consumer advice there. Even this car, wrecked as it is, is currently bid up to $221,000.00, and the reserve hasn’t even been met. There’s also still more than a week left in the auction.

The listing states they have the keys, and the car still runs and drives. The latter is a little hard to believe, considering that the rear suspension and half shafts are likely completely crumped, but the car’s 6.5-liter V12 might still run. This thing might even be salvageable, but who knows? Without inspecting the car’s frame it’s impossible to know if what we’re seeing is just severe suspension and body damage or something deeper. The trouble of sourcing new body panels and other parts from Lamborghini is probably not worth it, but it also seems a little strange to part such a rare car out.

This car is not the only damaged Ultimae we’ve seen. In the past, we’ve covered a case of a hotel valet running one Ultimae into another. That crash wasn’t nearly as severe as this one, but the most exclusive and powerful version of the car doesn’t exactly have a good track record in terms of accidents.

In any case, the auction ends at 10 a.m. May 19. If you have several hundred thousand dollars to throw at wrecked exotics on Copart, maybe put your name in.

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