This Porsche 962CR Schuppan Is a Group C Racer for the Road and You Can Buy It

The legendary Le Mans racer was put out to pasture as a road car of epic proportions.

byLewin Day|
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The 1990s saw many golden-era race cars converted to street duty. The Porsche 962CR Schuppan is an excellent example of this trend, and now, one of these rare beasts could be yours. If you can stump up the money, that is.

The Porsche 956 and 962 are considered one of the most successful race car families of all time. They scored a total of 17 victories in various endurance disciplines. The 962 itself took the honors at Le Mans in 1986 and 1987 as part of a storied career. Porsche driver Vern Schuppan campaigned his 962s in the late 1980s and later decided to convert them for road use once their track work was over. He built a total of six cars, backed by a Japanese investment group. Now, one of those cars is up for sale at Bingo Sports.

Known as the 962CR Schuppan, the road-going version packs a twin-turbo, 3.3-liter flat-six engine in the rear. It's good for 600 horsepower sent to the rear wheels via a classic five-speed manual. It's all wrapped up in a racing monocoque with a body made of carbon fiber.

The very proportions of the car make it obvious this was never intended for civilian use. Getting inside requires clambering under the vertical-opening door and over the deep and wide sill. Even still, you can fit two passengers in the cabin—just. We suspect the lack of extensive interior photos might just be because the photographer hired didn't bring the right lens for such a cramped cabin.

However, the car does make some meaningful concessions for road use. The suspension's springs and dampers were swapped out for models more suited for the lumps and bumps of real roads. The interior was also treated to some leather for the comfort of buyers unaccustomed to austere racing seats. There are also a simple set of HVAC controls, though the rest of the switchgear remains extremely racing-spec by comparison.

It's fair to say that a daily, this ain't. If you want a car that you can drive to the track and then dominate much of the competition, though, the 962CR might just be the way to do it. There's no price guide, but given this is a one-of-six ex-race car from Porsche's golden era—if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

If price is no object, though, then this car could soon be yours. Have your butler's personal assistant ask their secretary's secretary to make an inquiry on your behalf.

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