The Ram Electric Truck Concept Will Finally Debut Nov. 17

Ram’s first electric pickup may be coming a little late, but it promises to beat the F-150 Lightning and Silverado EV.

byPeter Holderith|
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Stellantis has trailed behind Ford and General Motors when it comes to unveiling new electric models, but it’s starting to regain ground: It just showed us the first all-electric Jeeps, its Airflow concept promises to breathe some life into Chrysler, and now we know when we can expect to see the first electric pickup concept from Ram. The truck, called the Revolution, will be shown to the world the night before the LA Auto Show in November, as the Detroit Free Press reports.

We'd previously known the truck was set to break cover in November, but an exact date hadn't been announced until now. The truck itself is expected to offer similar performance to those engineered by Ford and GM. Speaking to Freep, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. hammered home the idea that an electric pickup from the automaker will have to meet its customer's expectations the same way a gas truck does. If it can't be at least as good, many won't seriously consider it.

A concept image of the Ram Revolution Pickup. Ram

So far we've only seen shady concept images of the truck. It will likely resemble existing Ram pickups, but it will have some telltale features to distinguish it as electric. Unique lighting elements and a departure from the classic grille are a shoo-in.

Ram is behind in terms of delivering an electric pickup truck. Ford beat its Detroit rivals to market by foregoing a dedicated platform to underpin its F-150 Lightning; it opted instead to modify what hardware it had. In contrast, Ram's machine will sit on a specialized platform known as the STLA Frame while Chevy's truck will utilize GM's expansive Ultium architecture.

Ram's pickup is expected to deliver north of 300 miles of range, perhaps with help from a gasoline or diesel-powered generator on some models. Its first EV won't be the Revolution, though. It will be the decidedly unglamorous electric Promaster Van, which will compete with Ford's E-Transit, GM's Brightdrop EV600, and Rivian's EDV, although the latter is currently only in service with Amazon.

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