Watch These Icelandic Off-Roaders Use a Genius Strap System to Recover a Sunken Dodge Ram

Yes, that’s nine ultra-beefy machines trying to unearth their fallen partner.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Even seasoned off-roaders can sometimes run into deep trouble, ending up with a stuck truck, and occasionally even a ton of money in repairs. Popular locales like Moab are no strangers to such cases, but things truly get hairy when you're somewhere a bit more remote—like one of Iceland's many frozen lakes. One Dodge Ram driver found this out first-hand when he was traveling atop a sea of frozen water in the frigid country, only to find over half of his beefed-up snow crawler sunken with what looked to be no way out.

A video of the ordeal was posted to Facebook once a group of four-wheelers attempted to recover the heavy-duty pickup. In total, there look to be nine vehicles in total including several Toyota Land Cruisers, a Toyota Tacoma, and a Ford F-350 dually on 46-inch tires and sporting some serious off-roading equipment.

Aiding the crew of specialized trucks was an elaborate strap and chain system that shows these guys may have seen a situation like this before. Each tow vehicle was fanned out in a spread with straps running to the next in line. This series ended as the harnesses attached to the extremely stuck Ram's front bumper, but not before running over and under a pair of massive tires that helped keep everything rolling and in line.

Hjalti Ólafsson

Frustratingly, there was no actual video footage of the pickup actually getting pulled out. The original poster did make an update with the Ram above the water and covered in ice, but rolling nonetheless. Temperatures in Iceland can dip far into freezing territory with the island's northern region averaging between -13 and -22 degrees Fahrenheit during the coldest months. That might explain why seemingly everyone around has Arctic Truck conversions that make our 4x4s look puny.

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