Ram 1500 Backcountry X Concept Truck Shows Off Overlanding-Ready Cargo Boxes

Let’s get lost with more stuff.

byAaron Cole|
RAM News photo

Heading out into the hinterlands for any period requires varying levels of gear to stay comfortable, but it's always more than you think it is. What's more, there's always a growing list of equipment that helps you brave the elements but doesn't necessarily work well in the bed of a truck nor can stand exposure to weather for too long. For those times and the growing list of stuff needed for adventure, Mopar built the Ram 1500 Backcountry X Concept headed to SEMA next month

The truck, which parts and accessory-maker Mopar debuted Sunday ahead of the show in Las Vegas, extends Ram's side-mounted RamBoxes higher by 68%—up to 12.3 cubic feet—without eating any more into the bed space. (Emphasis on more there because the consistent criticism about the Ram Box was that it ate into bed space, and while this doesn't change that at all, it doesn't eat further into the bed than it does already.

Mopar showed off the RamPack's potential with tiedowns, straps and shelves to compartmentalize and secure what's inside. Mopar didn't specify, but like the RamBox, the RamPacks would be best if they were lockable. While the RamPack is just a concept at this point, it seems like there's not much stopping Mopar from offering it soon. It looks like it slides easily into existing RamBoxes, although the Thule crossrails are a very good idea—if not a necessity.

The rest of the Ram 1500 Backcountry X Concept is interesting as well: there's an in-truck vac (why isn't this a thing already?) and a inner tailgate with conversions and Rockler woodworking gear. The whole rig rides atop a 2-inch Mopar lift, FOX shocks, 20-inch Fuel Heater wheels with 37-inch BFGoodrich tires.

For now the Backcountry X Concept is just that: a show truck headed to SEMA. Although we wouldn't be surprised to see something like the RamPacks appearing in a parts catalog soon.

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