Making of the Electric Truck: A Short Film on the Bollinger B1

Here’s what it takes to turn a childhood fantasy into an EV dream machine

byShari Gab|
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Bollinger Motors, the team behind the the all-electric B1 Sport Utility Truck unveil last year, has just released Making of the Electric Truck, a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of its vintage-meets-modern creation. The short film, shot in black and white, takes the viewer on a journey through the start-up’s process.

The film introduces the engineers, designers and technicians, outlining the making of a proof-of-concept prototype from computer-aided design diagrams to actual computer numerical control-produced parts. From founder Robert Bollinger sketching vehicles as a kid to seeing his lifelong childhood dream of creating his own vehicle, the film is an honest look into what it takes to cut through the electric-vehicle noise in today’s saturated market

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“The B1 really came out of a sudden brainstorm to combine into one truck all the things I needed for use on my farm,” comments Bollinger. “Unfortunately, the light-duty truck hasn’t really evolved much in the last century; I found myself really wanting one all-purpose vehicle that could perform daily farm duties, remote construction projects, exploring off-road, and more. The underlying concept behind the B1 was make the truck incredibly capable and strong.”

The first of its kind, the B1 is meant to function as a work utility vehicle and an off-road adventure machine. The difference is all in its electric motor, which powers each axle, churning out 360 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque save all the interfering noise of a typical off-roader. The B1 aims to let one best the roughest of terrain in tranquility for a range of 200 miles with all-wheel drive, 50-50 weight distribution, 15 inches of ground clearance and a heavy duty carrying capacity.

Making of the Electric Truck is as innovative as it is minimal, a reflection of the B1 itself. The film deftly manages to distill a 20-month process, from envisioning a new concept to creating a public reveal-ready prototype, all rolled into 11 earnest minutes. 

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