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Bollinger to Bring Its B1 All-Electric Sport Utility Truck to Production in 2019

Over 12,000 people have already preordered the truck.

Bollinger Motors has been one of the most interesting players in the electrification market since it first announced the all-electric B1. Without taking the flashy approach that many modern manufacturers are going with their iterations of EVs, Bollinger was able to produce a functional and simplistic electric automobile that, according to Electrek, may be hitting production as soon as 2019.

In a comment, Robert Bollinger, the founder of Bollinger Motors, reportedly mentioned that the company would be working with Optimal Inc., a Michigan-based engineering firm who provides services to Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and other Original Equipment Manfuacturers. This is in-line with the company’s plan to move from its founding location of Upstate New York to Detroit, less than an hour away from Optimal Inc.’s location in Plymouth, Michigan.

Bollinger coins its B1 a “Sport Utility Truck,” meaning that it would fit in the same category as the Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline, and Subaru Baja. The trick up Bollinger’s sleeve is that instead of using a gasoline-powered motor, the truck utilizes an all-electric platform packed with a 120 kilowatt-hour battery pack, meaning that on a single charge, the B1 would see “a minimum” of 200 miles. This seems a bit low when compared to what Tesla is able to achieve 295 miles of range out of a Model X, which shares a similar weight to the B1 at just over 5,000 pounds.

Of course, the B1 does things a bit different when compared to the Model X. It’s not meant to be the most comfortable driver around, or showing off the latest tech, or to be the truck to go pick up your kids from soccer. Instead, Bollinger engineers the truck to be the ultimate electric offroad machine.

The truck can carry up to its own weight of 5,000 pounds, has an adjustable suspension that can raise its clearance from 10 inches up to 20, and boasts approach angles steeper than the current generation Jeep Wrangler. Needless to say, its capabilities are surprisingly fitting to its dubious form, which Bollinger says is ultimately driven by the vehicle’s functionality and not the other way around.

As of February, Bollinger stated that it had over 12,000 preorders for the B1 since its announcement in July 2017.