The Honda ‘S2000R’ Is a Civic Type R-Powered Restoration With Legit Handling Upgrades

An S2000RS racing version is also competing at Pikes Peak this year, so we'll see just how much quicker it is than stock.
Evasive Motorsports

The Honda S2000 never got a Type R variant. That hasn’t stopped California-based tuner Evasive Motorsports from whipping up a restomod that imagines what a theoretical S2000 Type R “should’ve been.” It’s called the S2000R and it outfits Honda’s much-loved rear-wheel-drive roadster with a new Type R motor, a whole lot of weight-saving carbon and titanium, chassis reinforcements, and the Type R nameplate’s signature white-on-white look.

In other news, excuse me as I have an existential micro-crisis over the fact that the S2000 is now apparently old enough to get the restomod treatment.

Evasive Motorsports

The most significant change has happened under the hood. Instead of the high-revving naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter—2.2L in later years—that came in the stock S2000, the S2000R uses the modern Civic Type R‘s turbocharged 2.0-liter making 306 hp.

This engine received a carbon fiber air intake from Mugen, a new intake manifold, exhaust downpipe, and a dual exhaust system made of titanium. It uses a Motec M140 ECU linked to a Motec C127 display in the gauge cluster. An oil cooler from EVS Tuning and a radiator sourced from Koyo Racing keeps temps in check.

Despite the modern engine, Evasive has retained the S2000’s legendary six-speed manual transmission thanks to an adapter plate. Power goes from the gearbox to the rear wheels via an OS Giken limited-slip differential.

To help it handle like a makeshift Type R should, the S2000R uses custom KW Clubsport coilover suspension with uprated bushings and a chassis brace. An EVS Tuning bump steer kit and camber joints were installed, as were Eibach sway bars at both ends. Stopping power comes from six-piston front and four-piston rear Brembo brakes.

The gaping maw of the 20th Anniversary Edition front bumper is joined by widened front fenders, a carbon fiber rear wing, 18-inch EVS Tuning 52R wheels shod in Yokohama AD09s, Spoon wing mirrors, and a tonneau cover, hood, and trunk lid all made of carbon fiber. Inside, carbon fiber can be found in the Recaro Podium seats and door cards, and the dash is covered in Alcantara.

Evasive Motorsports

Is this really what an S2000 Type R would have been? I’m not fully convinced. The carbon elements and hardened-up chassis and suspension components check out, sure, but the turbo Civic engine sort of takes away what is arguably the S2000’s main draw: the sky-high redline and ensuing baby F1 car noise.

In any case, S2000R pricing has yet to be announced, but Evasive Motorsports says, in addition to creating fully-built cars, existing S2000 owners will be able to have their cars converted to S2000Rs presumably for less money.

A racing version dubbed the S2000RS is set to compete at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year.

S2000RS. Evasive Motorsports

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