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Tesla Cybertruck Wrapped Like a Toyota Tundra Is Really Beating a Dead Horse

When people don't get your joke, just repeat it until they laugh.
Tesla Cybertruck wrapped to resemble a Toyota Tundra
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Not long ago, Tesla vinyl-wrapped an early Cybertruck to look like a Ford F-150 pickup truck for… some reason. Nobody’s really clear on why, it might’ve been some kind of attempt at humor. Whether anyone got the joke or not hasn’t stopped Tesla from repeating the punchline, this time by wrapping a Cybertruck to resemble the Toyota Tundra.

In a video posted to Cybertruck Owners Club, a Cybertruck can be seen rolling down the highway in a wrap meant to mimic the 2022-onward Tundra in dark green. It’s executed in the same way the F-150 wrap was, with its fascias stretched over the Tesla’s and its sides rescaled to fit the Cybertruck’s proportions—partially. The trucks’ rooflines clash, seemingly out of trying to make a statement rather than resulting from a lazy wrap job.

Tesla Cybertruck wrapped to resemble a 2023 Toyota Tundra
Tesla Cybertruck wrapped to resemble a 2023 Toyota Tundra. ModelAZ on

What that statement is, though, remains the subject of speculation. When covering the F-150 wrap, we speculated that it may have been an attempt at provoking Ford. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had called the perennial bestseller’s styling “boring,” so the wrap was presumably done to highlight the differences in the trucks’ shapes. But that seems to have backfired some, as even Cybertruck forum users acknowledge they like the look.

Multiple posters say they think the Tundra-wrapped Tesla is an improvement, while others indicate they like seeing the Cybertruck in an actual color. One even jokes that “Cybertruck owners are going to make vinyl wrap stock skyrocket.” Personally, I don’t think it says anything positive about the Cybertruck’s reception if owners are clamoring to cover up the truck’s defining design choices. But no matter how much vinyl or paint they throw at it, there’s no obscuring body panels that don’t align—Musk’s unrealistic demands of “sub 10 micron accuracy” notwithstanding, of course.

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