First Tesla Cybertruck to Roll Off the Line Looks Like It Has a Misaligned Door

Hey, at least it’s finally in production… Right?
Tesla Cybertruck Hero Image
via Twitter (Tesla)

It’s been 1,334 days since Tesla first revealed the Cybertruck. Ever since Elon Musk drove a pre-production model around prior to the pickup’s official launch, it’s been a hot topic. Finally, after all this time, Tesla confirmed over the weekend that the very first Cybertruck has rolled off of the production line at its Texas Gigafactory.

The news was announced with a photo of Tesla employees gathered around the truck to signal the beginning of production for the long-awaited EV. And in typical Tesla fashion, it appears that the Cybertruck isn’t free from quality control problems.

Admittedly, there’s not much to be seen in Tesla’s tweet. All of the employees surrounding the truck really obfuscate the meat of the story here—I mean, Tesla’s tweet was to show off the truck, right? But if you look closely like the folks over at AutoEvolution did, you’ll notice that the passenger doors don’t quite line up.

The rear of the front passenger door is where to look, specifically. The door line appears to extend past the top of the rear passenger door quite a bit, at least enough to be noticeable from what appears to be a few dozen feet away.

Tesla has been slammed for its quality control in the past. From its cooling systems being cobbled together with Home Depot-quality wood trim to a myriad of build concerns with Tesla’s flagship $140,000 vehicles, there is no shortage of complaints over build problems from the electric automaker. Still, you’d imagine that a vehicle so important to Tesla—especially the first one to roll off the production line and be featured on the CEO’s own social media platform—would be perfect.

That being said, there’s also an abundance of hype still surrounding the stainless steel pickup. Back in 2019, Tesla promised a truck that could offer 500 miles of range, plus the ability to sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds. And don’t forget that it’s also supposed to be bulletproof, despite its window breaking on stage during the reveal.

It’s worth noting that Tesla didn’t explicitly say that this is a production-ready example, meaning that it could just be a test of the line, or perhaps the latest version of a pre-production sample. The quality of the truck could, and likely will, improve over time. And hey—at least production of the Cybertruck appears to be kicking off this year as planned.

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