Russia Has a New EV Prototype and Yes, It Really Looks Like This

Got questions? Yeah, so do we.
Moscow Polytechnic University

This odd Russian electric vehicle prototype has been popping up all over Reddit and X, and it’s apparently called the “Amber.” According to The Autopian, the tragic-looking machine is a product of Moscow Polytechnic University, which is attempting to build an EV for the Russian market. I guess you can say they succeeded, if only because the blob made it past the render stage and actually exists in the metal.

I have to ask, though: Why does it look like that? Absolutely nothing about its design makes sense. Why is it so freakishly tall, with a floor that starts above the wheels and a massive step between the door and the ground? Why does it have a gaping port in the front right fender? It looks like those holes armored trucks have for drivers to shoot out of in a robbery attempt. There’s another hole further back but it looks like it has a gas cap in it. A charging port, perhaps?

The windshield, A-pillar, B-pillar, and side mirrors look like they were plucked from another car. Meanwhile, the back of the car looks like a panel van, and its two circular headlights give off the vibe that it’s surprised to even exist. I feel like if you listen closely, you’ll hear it whisper, “Kill me now.”

Moscow Polytechnic University

According to World News Today, the Amber is said to be an in-house Russian vehicle, with as few parts from the outside world as possible. All the outsourced components are likely from China. Considering the sanctions placed on Russia, that seems more like a necessity than an ambitious goal. That means the electric motor, batteries, and everything in between are probably Russian-sourced and Avtotor, the Russian automotive company said to be manufacturing it, claims the Amber will go into production in 2025.

There’s little else known about the Amber aside from the fact that it looks like it fell into the same vat of acid as the Joker but somehow came out worse looking. We don’t know what sort of battery pack it has, though it seems like a big one considering its ride height and what appears to be a battery tray at the bottom. We also don’t know what sort of electric motors it will have, how many axles it will drive, or how much power it will make. Though judging by its haphazard design, I’m not expecting much.

I love ugly-fun cars, like the Fiat Multipla and the Nissan S-Cargo, because they’re so strange they become charming and have character. But I just feel bad for this thing. Unsurprisingly, Ukrainian media is having quite a laugh about the Amber. There’s still a part of me that’s sad it will probably never come stateside, though, because I kinda need to drive it now.

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