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No, Ferrari F1 Driver Charles Leclerc Won’t Take a Selfie If You Knock on His Door

After having his home address leaked online, Leclerc has had to deal with swarms of fans showing up.
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Getting doxxed online is never a good thing. For Ferrari Formula 1 driver Charles LeClerc, that became a reality this week, with negative consequences for the talented Monegasque.

The Ferrari driver recently had to put out a statement on Instagram asking fans to respect his privacy at home. The driver’s address in Monaco was leaked online, prompting eager autograph seekers and, let’s be honest, stalkers, to show up at his house. It’s unclear how the address was leaked, or by whom, but Leclerc has not appreciated the attention, to put it lightly.

The incident has been ongoing for some time, according to Leclerc. “For the past few months my home address has somehow become public, leading to people gathering beneath my apartment, ringing my bell and asking for pictures and autographs,” Leclerc wrote. “While I’m always happy to be there for you and truly appreciate your support, please respect my privacy and refrain from coming to my house.”

Leclerc noted that he has no problem with fans he meets in public. His specific beef is with those that disrupt his home life. “I’ll make sure to stop for everyone when you see me on the streets or at the track, but I won’t be coming downstairs if you visit my home,” he explained.

It’s not the first time Leclerc has suffered in his interactions with the broader public. Just last year, he had a $2 million watch stolen just ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The latest incident has led to a handful of memes doing the rounds on social media, one example referring to Leclerc’s house as a sightseeing stop on a holiday tour.

Leclerc is due sympathy over the matter. Few of us would appreciate random swarms of people banging on our door for attention. It’s abhorrent behavior from those that would call themselves fans. Of course, with a reported salary on the order of $24 million, Leclerc can at least afford to get a new place (or some private security) until this all blows over.

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