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Next-Gen Mini Cooper EV Gets 240-Mile Range and Up To 215 HP

The new electric Mini is set to take things to the next level.

As the broader car industry moves towards electrification, Mini is in the process of preparing its own lineup for the shift to come. The new upcoming Mini Cooper EV forms the cornerstone of the brand’s efforts to go fully electric in years to come.

As reported by Autocar, the new generation Mini Cooper is set to hit the market in May 2024. The electric model will arrive in May, based on a dedicated EV platform developed by Spotlight Automotive, a joint venture of BMW and Great Wall Motors. The EV model will only be available as a three-door hatch.

According to reports, the electric Cooper will offer 181 hp in base trim, as per the outgoing model. Meanwhile, the warmed-up SE model is expected to elevate that figure to 215 hp. Both models will be two-wheel-drive, keeping the familiar Mini formula intact. A hotter John Cooper Works model is reportedly slated for mid-2025, built for thrills rather than range. Autocar speculates this model may feature upgraded motors with power figures in the realm of 250 hp, and performance rivalling the Fiat Abarth 500E.

Both 40 kWh and 54 kWh batteries will be available in the new model. Base models will offer at least 240 miles of range, with the larger battery to extend that figure further. It’s a serious step up compared to the current electric Mini Cooper, which offers less than 150 miles of range from its 32.6 kWh battery.

Inside, the Mini’s classic center speedometer setup is set to be replaced with a large OLED display. There won’t be any gauges behind the steering wheel, either. Purists need not despair, though, as physical buttons and controls will still be a mainstay of the vehicle’s interface. New models will even feature an actual ignition key, on both ICE and EV models going forward. Other tech will include a sound generator cued by the EV drivetrain, with various acceleration sounds tailored to different drive modes.

Despite the profile of the new electric model, ICE-powered Minis aren’t going away just yet. The new ICE-powered Mini is set to debut shortly after its EV sibling in June 2024. While both EV and ICE models will share the same bodyshells, the ICE models will be based on an evolved version of the outgoing model’s FAAR platform insetad. Combustion-engined models will also be available in five-door and convertible bodystyles down the line.

The brand hopes that the new EV models will spearhead the brand’s march towards an all-electric future. Currently, just 15% of Mini sales are EVs. The plan is to elevate that to 50% by mid-2025. In addition to the new Cooper EV, Mini will also have new electric models of the Countryman on sale by that point, along with the Aceman all-electric crossover.

Electric Minis have been available for a few years now, and have steadily improved over that time. The second generation of electric Minis should offer a step change in capability, particularly where range is concerned. Those looking for a funky British compact with a thoroughly modern drivetrain likely won’t be disapointed when the new Mini Cooper EV drops next year.

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