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YouTuber Wrecks 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP the Same Day it was Delivered, in His Own Backyard

Why turning your garden into a test track is not always a good idea.

YouTubers owning supercars is nothing new. Neither is the occasional news of someone crashing a brand new supercar. However, French YouTuber Pog managed to put a new spin on both these modern clichés by rolling his brand new, limited edition, 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP not only on the same day it was delivered, but in his own backyard.

There are a lot of YouTubers to keep track of these days, so some may not know who this Marc Maron-looking guy with a garage full of supercars is.

He goes by Pog, and the description of his YouTube channel only says, “having fun with my cars,” something we all aspire to do as often as possible. The video is 20 minutes long, but the actual driving starts at the five-minute mark and the crash happens at the start of the ninth minute. 

Pog turned his yard into a rally course to test out his new Mini GP and flipped out over how good the car is. It’s a 301 horsepower beast of a hot hatch, and only 3,000 examples are to be built, making this video potentially hard to watch for Mini loyalists.

Now, this was an incredibly dangerous move to pull. But Pog seems to realize this. In the video, he expresses the regret from his actions as any real car-enthusiast would after getting carried away and wrecking a nice car. Pog states in the video description that viewers can judge him as they see fit, and the YouTube comments below serve as a blatant reminder that they require no invitation. 

It is easy to mock, but this video can also serve as a reminder of our own mistakes behind the wheel. Who hasn’t been in Pog’s shoes at least once in their driving career? I crashed my father’s brand new, one-month-old, pickup truck into a telephone pole when I was 16. What about you?