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Kia EV6: Up to 577 HP, 316 Miles of Range, and Incredibly Sharp Looks

Here's proof that crossovers don't have to be boring or ugly.

In case you haven’t noticed, Hyundai and Kia have really become shining stars over the past decade or so. Kia in particular has been making waves with a myriad of new and updated product offerings, including the announcement of its first dedicated battery-electric vehicle riding on the E-GMP platform.

On Tuesday, Kia let loose the details on its upcoming all-electric crossover coined the EV6, showing off just how much tech and personality can be packed into such a sensible package.

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The most important part of any BEV launch in 2021 is making a statement. Some companies do this by offering class-leading range, others by raw power, and some stick to unique styling. Kia has decided to go for a little bit of everything.

For starters, it’s important to note that Kia plans to offer the EV6 in a number of different drivetrain and battery configurations. Both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive models will be available, as will standard and long-range battery packs at 58 kilowatt-hours and 77.4 kWh, respectively. The most impressive EV6, range-wise, is equipped with both the long-range battery pack and rear-wheel-drive. Kia claims that this particular spec is good for about 316 miles on a single charge, though that’s on the WLTP testing cycle—the EPA estimate may be significantly lower.

Kia says that the EV6 supports 800-volt charging, meaning a boost from 10 to 80 percent will take about 18 minutes via a DC fast charger. The only catch is you’ll have to find a station that supports that charging rate first. And in case of an emergency, the E-GMP platform enables owners to use their vehicle to power standard household items via a vehicle-to-load function. For example, a standard air conditioner and 55-inch television can be powered for more than 24 hours, or you could charge another EV stranded on the side of the road.

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Now let’s talk performance. In all, Kia will offer five different power levels based on the battery pack and drivetrain selected for the vehicle. For example, the standard range battery will offer 168 horsepower in rear-drive configuration, and 232 hp if equipped with all-wheel drive. Long-range versions get a bit of a power bump, offering 226 hp for rear-drive and 320 hp for all-wheel drive.

But the holy grail will be the EV6 GT. Kia says it will offer 577 hp on-tap thanks to two electric motors powering all four wheels. The result is a 3.5-second zero to 60 sprint and a 161-mph top speed.

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The interior of the vehicle is just as handsome as the outside, featuring bold lines with splashes of playful colors. The cabin is also quite driver-centric and showcases 12-inch screens for both the gauge cluster and infotainment screens. An augmented reality HUD helps display navigation directions, ADAS functions, and other relevant information while the infotainment system can be used for more hands-on tasks like finding nearby charging stations via Kia Connect.

Kia says that the EV6 will be available in select global markets, including North America, during the second half of 2021. Reservations in some countries will become available as early as today; however, final pricing has yet to be announced.

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