Netflix’s New ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ Trailer Hypes Up Drama of 2022

The last “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” trailer to be released before Season 5 airs on Feb. 24 isn’t more of the same, actually.

byJerry Perez| PUBLISHED Feb 17, 2023 11:00 AM
Netflix’s New ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ Trailer Hypes Up Drama of 2022

I've grown a bit jaded of Netflix's Formula 1: Drive to Survive trailers by now, mostly because they're all pretty much the same. A few crashes, dramatic close-ups of the rear tires during race starts, Toto Wolff physically abusing desks and headphones, Guenther Steiner manically laughing, and Lewis Hamilton surrounded by fans while 1,000 smartphones, TV cameras, and audio recorders are shoved in his face. Y'know, your typical F1 narrative. So when I saw a new Season 5 trailer I was a bit skeptical, but I watched it anyway.

I'm glad I did because it reminded me of just how intense the 2022 season was. Now now, I know it was nothing like 2021 when Mercedes and Red Bull were fighting to the death before the drivers' championship was ultimately settled by "human error" (the FIA's words, not mine), but it was still pretty exciting.

Another noteworthy detail of this new trailer is that Max Verstappen, after opting out of previous seasons, narrates almost the entire trailer. He talks about what it takes to be in F1, his mindset through the 2022 season, and the chair he's sitting in. All very interesting stuff. Team principals Christian Horner, Mattia Binotto, Steiner, and Wolff make their respective appearances, all made to look like they want to kill each other, of course.

Then there are the crashes and some of the on-track drama. God knows Ferrari gave the Netflix crew plenty of content there, as their car was either crashing, breaking down, catching fire, botching strategies, or just not finishing races most of the year.

Season 5 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive premieres Feb. 24, just one week before the 2023 F1 season kicks off in Bahrain.

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