Here’s the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Configurator Before You’re Supposed to Play With It

Have a few minutes to kill? This early version of the Taco configurator can help you with that.

byJerry Perez|
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A few weeks ago I had the chance to drive the new 2024 Toyota Tacoma and deemed it a complete transformation over the previous-gen truck. More spacious, comfortable, and definitely more advanced, the new midsize pickup feels more like a downsized Tundra than anything else. While the automaker has yet to include the new truck on its website, the eagle-eyed folks at found what appears to be a development version of the upcoming online configurator.

I got to playing with it, and so can you by clicking here.


It's worth mentioning that while this looks like the real deal, the configurator appears to not be ready for primetime yet. Many of the engines, packages and other optional equipment haven't been fully integrated into the right categories, and some even have generic descriptions. Also, it's impossible to tell whether equipment pricing is accurate, either.

That didn't stop me from building a couple of different Tacomas, of course, because the best part of these configurators is playing with the various colors, cabs, and wheel options rather than tinkering with the pricing. At least it is to me. I built a cool Tacoma TRD PreRunner with the XtraCab in Solar Octane, as well as a TRD Sport with the Double Cab in Ice Cap. Lastly, I built a Tacoma Limited that I found to look pretty stunning in that Bronze Oxide color.


If you're looking for specific and detailed info on the new Tacoma to help you in your truck-shopping journey, it may be premature to use this configurator. However, if you're just looking to kill a few minutes (or hours) pretending to afford the ultimate Tacoma, this is your chance. And speaking of the ultimate Tacoma, the Trailhunter trim isn't showing up in this configurator yet. Maybe it'll get added at a later time or maybe it'll have a separate dedicated website.

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