New Toyota Tundra Gets a 2.6-Inch TRD Lift Kit With a Factory Warranty

Approach and departure angles are also increased. Notably, the lift doesn’t interfere with the Toyota Safety Sense systems.

byChris Tsui|

A new lift kit from TRD for the Toyota Tundra will add a bit more height and bravado to Toyota's full-size truck. Available only for hybrid Toyota Tundras from model years 2022 and newer equipped with the 5.5- or 6.5-foot bed, the kit raises the Tundra by three inches in the front and two inches in the rear, increasing overall ground clearance by 2.6 inches overall.

Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with the TRD Pro or TRD Sport Tundras or any versions of the pickup equipped with adaptive or air suspension, nor is it available on any of the gas-only Tundras. A Toyota spokesperson declined to provide any additional comment when asked why.

Because this is a factory kit, it's may be the only Toyota-approved one compatible with the company's Safety Sense advanced driver-assistance systems, which brings up a point I admittedly had never considered: lifting your truck undoubtedly messes with any semi-autonomous driving tech. Although, something tells me the sort of person who is lifting their truck probably isn't all that interested in driver-assistance features.

Anywho, the TRD kit increases the approach angle goes from 21.0 to 26.0 degrees while the departure angle gets a boost from 24.0 degrees stock to 25.0 degrees. Monotube shocks from Bilstein with digressive pistons provide better stability, forged front upper control arms are provided by Roush, and taller red coil springs are tuned by TRD.

The kit also includes new lower knuckles, stabilizer links, outer tie rods, tie rod sleeves, bump stops, and extended drive shafts for the front axle. Rear spring spacers, longer brake flex hoses, and the necessary installation hardware round out the package.

TRD's lift kit will cost $3,995 (excluding installation labor), is installed at the dealership, and is backed by a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty if it's installed when the truck is new. If it's installed post-purchase, the kit is only covered for one year.

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