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Jump on Cycle Gear’s Spring Clearance Event and Get More Deals From Amazon

Every Friday is a good one, and online shopping at the end of the workweek proves it.
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It’s easy to be surprised that Friday returns at the end of the workweek. I’m guilty of it, but is it really something to get all that pumped about? Sure, we get a few days off work, but we also have tasks around the house that need to get done between now and Monday. There’s nothing worse than that dose of reality right before you punch out, and it’s even worse for those who really only have tomorrow for chores since Easter Sunday is coming in hot.

We’ve got your back. We’re all about finding the things at a discount that’ll make your life easier. They probably won’t be shipped to your door by tomorrow, and that’s the perfect excuse to put the work off until next weekend. 

Yeti Monograms and Text
Free text and monogram customization on Yeti drinkware and pet bowls

This first one is going to help you avoid having to squeeze in Mother’s Day shopping between Easter egg hunts. Yeti is letting you select Yeti items with free text and monograms. Mom might not need much, but some Yeti gear with her name on it is something she’ll surely put to use. 

Icon Airform
Icon Airform Manik’R Helmet for $202.50 at Cycle Gear

What if Mom isn’t sitting around long enough to worry about drinks changing temperatures? You’ll surely find something for her over at the Cycle Gear Spring Clearance Event. All kinds of open box and blemish items are on sale. They might not be pretty, but your mother won’t care. She’s just going to bang it up anyway. 

Ryobi Charger
Ryobi One+ 18-volt six-port Dual Chemistry IntelliPort charger with USB port and battery

For those of you who actually have some work to tackle around the home, you can snag the Ryobi One+ 18-Volt Sx-Port Dual Chemistry IntelliPort Charger with USB Port and Battery for $79.00 at Home Depot. You might be able to pick it up tonight, but if you order it online you have a legitimate excuse not to cram your Saturday with hard labor. 

If the deals above didn’t do the trick for you, be sure to check the list below for more.