Dodge’s Final ‘Last Call’ Model Will Miss SEMA Thanks to Exploding Engines

We’ve seen six of the seven “Last Call” models, but there will be a longer wait for the final reveal.

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The final entry in Dodge's "Last Call" series of Challenger and Charger models will miss its scheduled debut at SEMA in November. It's all down to some rather explosive developments in Dodge's engine labs.

The ultimate Last Call model will be absent for good reason, according to The Detroit Bureau. Dodge has been working on a final model intended to blow the Hellcat out of the water. That's no mean feat given the mighty supercharged V8 burst on to the scene in 2015 with a huge 707 horsepower and 656 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, the challenge has proven too much. The test engines have been blowing up in the lab, according to Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis.

According to reports, that's not hyperbole. The engines have apparently been quite comprehensively destroying themselves when pushed hard in testing.

The final Last Call model could still be seen before the end of this year. It all depends on whether Dodge has the issue licked or if more engines blow up in development. According to Kuniskis, the issue is believed to be fixed, but more testing is required to be sure.

Building a high-performance road car engine is a challenging at the best of times. When your brief is to deliver more performance than the already-ridiculous Hellcat powertrain, you've got your work cut out for you. It's unsurprising that Dodge is facing issues with engines exploding, given the huge boost they're likely feeding into their V8s on the test stand.

Indeed, it's only hours of testing that can verify a new engine is fit for sale. It's better that Dodge has this issue now, and postpones its launch. The alternative is promising a special edition with big power that then destroys itself in short order when delivered to the customer.

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The company has already unveiled six out of the seven planned "Last Call" models, including the Charger Super Bee and the Challenger Black Ghost, among others. The series celebrates the ending of production of the Charger and Challenger lines, and includes many throwback sticker packs and heritage exterior colors.

In the Charger and Challenger's final model year, Dodge is aiming to get as many cars to as many adoring fans as possible. Its Horsepower Locator website has been set up to help customers find their dream spec at whichever dealer has it. It comes with specific notes regarding the Last Call editions, noting that allocations are strictly limited and that eager buyers should contact dealers post-haste. Keep that in mind if you're hanging out for the last reveal, and have that phone ready to dial!

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