Diesel-Swapped Lamborghini Gallardo Has a Twin-Turbo Cummins Behind the Driver

This might be the first-ever Lamborghini to roll coal.

byNico DeMattia|
Lamborghini News photo

I've seen a few interesting Lamborghini engine swaps before, mostly with LS motors. However, I've never seen a Lamborghini with a diesel engine before this one. The team at 1 Way Diesel Performance found a completely wrecked 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo and not only decided to bring it back to life it but also stuff its midship engine bay with a twin-turbo straight-six Cummins diesel.

The Cummins-powered Gallardo was featured on Motor Trend's Texas Metal Loud and Lifted show, which documented the build from beginning to end. And it might be one of the most ambitious and interesting Lamborghini builds I've ever seen.

When 1 Way Diesel Performance found the Gallardo, it was essentially just half of a shell. There was no powertrain, no suspension, no interior, and it was missing an entire rear quarter panel. There was barely enough left to qualify it as a Lamborghini Gallardo and what was still there was smashed and bent. It was a mess. However, it also presented unique blank canvas opportunity to build something interesting.

After straightening out what was left of the frame, a new quarter panel and hood were bought, to complete its body. Then the firewall had to be cut out and custom fabricated, so as to fit the monster Cummins diesel engine. Everything from the motor mounts, to the headers, to the intake manifold also needed to be custom fabricated to make the engine fit. All of that custom fabrication not only functions but turns the engine bay into a work of mechanical art.

As unusual as a Cummins straight-six diesel is in a Lamborghini, 1 Way Diesel Performance did manage to retain some of its original character, by pairing the Cummins with a six-speed open-gate manual. In fact, aside from the protruding firewall, the interior looks almost stock, with only slightly modified Gallardo seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and gauges. The custom starlight headliner is an interesting touch but doesn't seem out of place in a mid-engine Italian supercar.

You don't get to see or hear the Cummins-swapped Gallardo run in the Motor Trend episode but 1 Way Diesel Performance posted a couple of videos of it running on Facebook and it sounds like no other diesel I've ever heard. It obviously lacks the top end wail of the Gallardo's original V10 but it still actually sounds pretty exotic, as it dumps black smoke from its exhaust.

This Cummins-swapped Gallardo won't be to everyone's taste, especially diehard Lamborghini fans. However, it's hard to not be impressed by the amount of work, craftsmanship, and customization that went into making what might be the prettiest oil-burner I've ever seen.

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