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Cadillac Escalade Will Get Full-Width, Pillar-to-Pillar Dashboard Screen: Report

2024 Escalade buyers could get a taste of the $300,000 Celestiq.
2023 Cadillac Escalade V interior

The Cadillac Escalade is due for a refresh, which it will be getting for the 2024 model year. With that refresh, it’s going to get a massive tech upgrade, borrowed from Cadillac’s new flagship Celestiq. According to GM-Trucks and GM Authority, who cite their own sources inside GM, the 2024 Cadillac Escalade will get a full-width, pillar-to-pillar dashboard infotainment screen, instead of the current Escalade’s 38 inch OLED display.

In the Celestiq, that screen spans a massive 55 inches, larger than any other infotainment screen on the market. While the Escalade’s screen might not be quite that big, recent spy photos have shown a dashboard, covered with fabric, with a screen that spans its entire width.

Cadillac Celestiq interior

Cadillac likely won’t carryover the Celestiq’s screen exactly for the Escalade, as the former is going to start at over $300,000. If the Escalade were to get exactly the same tech, it would ruin some of the Celestiq’s prestige. However, having a similar looking display, potentially with similar technology, will make the Escalade seem more upmarket.

The Celestiq’s screen features 8k pixel density and what Cadillac calls Digital Blinds Active Privacy, which dims the passenger side of the screen for the driver. That’s so the passenger can watch movies or enjoy any other sort of media without distracting the driver. While we don’t know for sure, I’d wager that the Escalade gets both of those technologies. Other cars in the Escalade’s price range have similar tech, such as the BMW 7 Series’s 8k theater screen and the Mercedes EQS’s Hyperscreen with passenger-side dimming.

Electric Escalade IQ is coming in 2023

Hopefully Cadillac keeps its console-mounted scroll wheel for the 2024 Escalade. In the current car, there’s a scroll wheel to control the infotainment screen (you can use it as a touchscreen as well) and having that physical control is helpful while driving. The Celestiq has it, too, so I’m guessing Cadillac will keep it for the ‘Slade.

The 2024 Cadillac Escalade should be revealed later this year, along with an electric Escalade IQ model, and we’ll finally get to see just how big its new screen is.

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