You’ll Hate to Love Kim Kardashian’s New Custom Cadillac Escalade on 26s

Even if you don’t care what the Kardashians get up to, you’ll care that this Caddy was done right.

byJames Gilboy|
Cadillac News photo

For a good long time there, some members of the Kardashian family had utterly abhorrent taste in cars—let Kylie Jenner's velvet-wrapped Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen stand as testimony to that. But tastes have definitely matured over time, as evidenced by this modified Ferrari 488 GTB that wouldn't turn heads in Monaco, and more recently, a personalized Cadillac Escalade, which once again will have you remarking on the family's recent tastefulness.

Kim Kardashian's new Cadillac Escalade was given a makeover by lifestyle brand Platinum Motorsport, which outlined some of its modifications in an Instagram post shot by photographer @paid2shoot. Platinum repainted the Escalade in a shade of "KK silver;" presumably a custom color selected by the person whose initials it borrows.

Kim Kardashian's custom Cadillac Escalade, Instagram | @platinum_group

The shop then switched out the Cadillac's already-huge alloy wheels for a new style of 26-inchers, which look even more fitting on the Escalade than its transport steelies do. To ensure they fill the fenders correctly, Platinum lowered the Escalade, though hopefully not at the expense of Cadillac's optional, magnificent combination of air springs and Magneride shocks, which my colleague found adept at masking its 5,800-pound curb weight. In all, it's remarkably elegant.

Out of curiosity, The Drive reached out to Platinum Motorsport to find out if anything was done to the Cadillac's interior and other possible additional details on the build. We will update this when we hear back.

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