Buy This Groovy ’70s Ford Pinto Cruiser Wagon and Step Back in Time

Louvers, orange vinyl, and a round bubble window are alright, alright, alright with us.

byStef Schrader|
1979 Ford Pinto Cruiser Wagon
Mike Widdes via Facebook Marketplace


Every now and then, a car comes up for sale that's such a perfect '70s time capsule that you can smell Burt Reynolds through the screen. Folks, this 1979 Ford Pinto Cruiser Wagon currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace is one of those cars. 

As the seller notes, this is a rare spec that was probably too late-'70s for the late-'70s, but if there's anything we've learned from every Radwood show ever held, it's always the cartoonishly over-the-top retro stuff that gets the most love in hindsight. Normal people didn't always go for the wild graphics and look-at-me louvers in the era, but their kids in 2022 eat that right up. 

If you want a car that screams its manufacture date from every corner of the drive-in, this manual Pinto Cruiser Wagon is it. There are louvers covering the rear window. There are circular bubble-shaped windows on each side. The car is a tasty creamsicle—white over orange vinyl—and it's covered in period-perfect graphics: lovely gradient stripes in vibrant shades of yellow and orange. (Perfect for fall, too!)

Tinted windows and air conditioning will help keep you as cool inside as you'll look riding along in this car. 

The seller says it's been with one owner since its original purchase, and it's in pretty decent condition. The odometer in the listing's photos says it has 82,461 miles, although that isn't called out in the ad and it's always hard to tell with a five-digit odometer as to whether that's accurate. With minimal rust, though, it's plausible. The seller notes that the drain plugs appear to have been clogged at some point, causing much of the rust on the lift gate, but otherwise, it looks pretty solid. 

The world's grooviest Pinto Cruiser Wagon will set you back a pretty penny, though, as the seller is asking $15,900. You can check out the full listing here with more photos. 

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