Dainese’s Smart Jacket LS Sport Has Summer Vibes and D-air Protection

Airbag tech is coming to your next summer jacket.

byJonathon Klein|
Dainese’s Smart Jacket LS Sport Has Summer Vibes and D-air Protection

Motorcycle jackets are one of the most important pieces of gear you can own, as they protect nearly all of your vital organs. But the vast majority of motorcycle jackets still rely on the same technology of leather, textile, and armor that has been the standard for decades. That's not the case for Dainese D-air jackets. Case in point: the new Smart Jacket LS Sport D-air.

The textile construction has all the cooling properties you'd want in a summer motorcycle jacket, as well as all the latest/greatest safety systems. There's Level 2 armor at the elbows and shoulders, and Level 1 armor protecting your back and spine. And the Mugello material is both stretch and abrasion resistant, which is great if you fall and slide. Great things you'd expect from nearly every motorcycle jacket. It's the addition of the brand's D-air airbag system, however, that ups the jacket's safety to the next level.

For those unfamiliar with motorcycle airbag systems, Dainese was the first to bring such a system to market and the first to enter MotoGP with it. D-air works with a set of sensors that "automatically [detect] an unsafe situation and activate to protect [the rider]." In the real world, a D-air airbag deploys similarly as a car airbag or life vest would and settles around the rider's chest, shoulders, and back, as you can see in the demonstration. And while you can purchase a D-air system separately, the integrated systems like the one in the Smart Jacket LS Sport D-air work the best.

I'm always on the lookout for products that the motorcycling community can trust with their lives, as that's exactly what riders ask of our gear. I've personally been a fan of Dainese's safety gear for some time now. Having just reviewed the brand's D-Explorer 2 jacket, I really have come to appreciate the brand's attention to detail that much more. This Smart Jacket LS Sport D-air would be a great addition to anyone's gear closet.

It's not the most inexpensive jacket, as Dainese's Smart Jacket LS Sport D-air is currently priced at $899.95 at RevZilla. But you can't put a price on your safety and continued riding. My life is worth a good motorcycle jacket. And I'm not about to stop motorcycling any time soon. What about you?