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BMW May Build Some Z4 Clownshoes After All, But They Won’t Be Cheap

If a very small number of Concept Touring Coupés ever hits the road, they will apparently cost around $270,000 each.

BMW gave the car world quite a pleasant surprise when it dropped the Concept Touring Coupé one-off shooting brake Z4 late last week. For those bummed that the modern clownshoe is merely a one-off concept, don’t despair entirely just yet because it sounds like BMW is open to actually selling the thing—in minimal numbers and for supercar prices, of course.

According to multiple outlets, the company told the press at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este that it may end up selling 50 clownshoe Z4s for about $270,000 apiece. According to BMW Blog, design boss Adrian von Hooydonk says there are already “two or three” people at the event who have expressed serious interest, while the alleged price was expressed to CarBuzz as 250,000 euros, which is approximately $270,000.

In addition to the breadvan rear end, the Concept Touring Coupé gets brown Poltrona Frau leather and a big, new cargo area. Proving that BMW is indeed quite in touch with what Car Internet likes, it even painted the outside subtly brown and fitted bespoke gold wheels to tie the whole thing together.


If the closed-roof Z4 ever does come to semi-production, it wouldn’t be the first time BMW has trotted out a throwback special only to sell it in extremely limited quantities. Remember that 3.0 CSL revival from last year? BMW only sold 50 of those as well. The big difference, though, is that that car cost a whopping $780,000 each.

Whether or not the shooting brake Z4 does become a purchasable reality, one thing’s for sure: BMW finally has a version of this car that’s genuinely more interesting than its Toyota Supra mechanical twin.

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