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Toyota Isn’t Ruling Out a Convertible Supra, Report Says

One Toyota engineer also says BMW could offer the Z4 as a coupe if it really wanted to.

While we know Toyota wants to offer a lighter, more hardcore version of its upcoming Supra in the future, the company apparently isn’t shying away from the possibility of a variant that’s presumably a little heavier and more relaxed.

According to Australia’s CarAdvice, the new Toyota sports car’s Assistant Chief Engineer, Masayuki Kai, recently told media at a press drive that the company isn’t ruling out the possibility of a drop-top Supra. The technical viability of a convertible version doesn’t exactly come as a surprise considering this car’s German twin, the BMW Z4, comes exclusively as an open-top. Speaking of the Bimmer, Kai says BMW could offer the Z4 as a hardtop coupe if it really wanted as well. 

“As for now, yes. But, if BMW wants to make a coupe, it’s their own decision,” Kai is quoted saying by CarAdvice. “There is no restriction—for example, if we want, we can also make an open roof Supra. But, this is currently not being investigated. Never say never, everything is possible.”

Okay, so the prospect of the Supra losing its roof isn’t exactly what we’d call likely but hey, like Kai said, “never say never.”

Not much is known about the A90 Toyota Supra other than the fact that it’ll rock a BMW straight-six in at least one of its trims, send power to the rear wheels, have a lower center of gravity than the boxer-engined 86, and be stiffer than a Lexus LFA without using carbon fiber. I enjoy having the wind in my hair as much as the next red-blooded enthusiast but something tells me a convertible Supra might dip below LFA levels of rigidity. 

Look for a full reveal of the Supra sometime early next year.